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Patch 1.09v2.0 Faction Wars Tournament

By Val` - 1st April 2021 - 12:45 PM

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1. After 11 years, the Faction Wars tournament is back to celebrate the new patch and challenge it's balance.

This kind of tournament has the epic feeling of fighting for the honor of your favorite faction, where player individualism is shadowed by one of this great game factions. This is also possible thanks all the previous and current events going on, such as the Top 10 Challenge league, Clanwars league, the QuickMatch league or Latino's February tournament.
All this BFME2 gamers activity has pretty much allowed us to establish by ourselves the skill rank of almost every active player. Which also means that a normal tournament may turn out way too predicable, or like one active player once said and created a meme;"we already know winner".
Another benefits of this kind of tournament is that it gathers community in order to share knowledge, mentor each other, play on a huge map pool with lots of new maps and also brings the possibility to arrange not only 2v2, but also 3vs3 and 4vs4 in the same event.

2. What a Faction Wars is?

*A faction wars tournament consists on submitting all game factions (Men, Elves, Dwarves, Isengard, Mordor & Goblins) into a all vs all war in order to compete for the glory in the Championship.

*Each faction is represented by 5(five) players of different skill ranks. Rank 5(Apprentice), Rank 4(Medium), Rank 3(Good), Rank 2(Challenger), Rank 1(Expert).

*Each faction rank can optionally have one or more backup players.

*Each tournament match will be broken by the mentioned skill ranks. So a Rank 5 player of each faction will play against the corresponding Rank 5 player from the other faction, the 4th with 4th, etcétera.

*Each tournament match can be completed either by 5 matches of 1vs1 (1 match per skill rank), or can also be completed as one 2vs2 and one 3vs3, or by one 1vs1 and one 4vs4, etcétera. Once again, always respecting the skill ranks involved in the game.

3. Tournament Info

Duration: 4 weeks. (From Monday 5th of April, to Monday 26th of April)
Format: Swiss System & Single Elimination
Games by player: 5 rounds of 2 games (Swiss), and 3 rounds of best of 3 (Eliminator).

Bracket#1: Swiss System

For this kind of tournament there's not a big difference with a simple Round-Robin, but Swiss system was picked as it counts with several options for tie-breaking.

Bracket#2: Single Eliminator

The 2nd bracket is subject to change depending on the faction ranking after the first bracket. For example, if the performance of the 5th and 6th faction is so bad that there is a insane points gap between the first 4, they will simply be kicked before entering on the Eliminator stage.

4. Tournament Map Pool

1vs1 : Westfold, Firien Dale, West Emnet, Lossarnach, Chetwood, Hollin II, Ford of Bruinen, Fords of Isen 2 (any skin).
2vs2 : Lebennin, Firien Forest, Eryn Rhun, Crossroads, Upper Anduin, South Hollin, Udun (any skin), Minhiriath.
3vs3 : Brithombar, Dead Marshes, Weather Hills, Dagorlad, Dagorlad Reskin, Frozen Rift, Greenfrog Pass, Lebennin IV, Red Desert of Khand, River Baranduin (Custom Map), River Langwell, Tournament Weather Hills, Valleys of Rhun, Western Gondor.
4vs4: Tournament Hills, Druadan Forest, Lorien Plateu, Nevrast II, Pelenor Fields, Staddle, Woody End.

5. Official Schedule

Signs up: March 31 to to April 5
1st week: April 5 to to April 12
Swiss Round 1
Swiss Round 2
2nd week: April 12 to April 19
Swiss Round 3
Swiss Round 4
3rd week: April 19 to April 26
Swiss Round 5
Eliminator Round 1
4th week: April 26 to May 3
Eliminator Semifinals
Eliminator Finals

6. Game Rules

Patch: 1.09 v2.00
Platform: GameRanger
Match Size: 1vs1 and optional 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4.
Hosting: Games preferentially shall be played on a neutral host. Only in the case this is not possible as players can not find one, both players can agree to play their own hosts in order to finish their games in time. In the Eliminators, the 3rd game shall always be in neutral host no matter what.
In-game Rules: 1000 Starting Resources; 1x Command Point Factor; No Custom Heroes.

7. Tournament Rules

Rule A. In case one inflicting faction player does not show up for his encounter, while his opponent proved to be online; the inflicting player will be replaced by a faction member of weaker skill, and in case this inflicting player is already an Apprentice, he will be replaced by a Brutal AI bot. Matches against the AI shall be played only in Fords of Isen II.

Rule B. In case two different faction member do not show up for their encounter; tournament will go on to the next round without storing a point for any of the inflicting factions, being affected negatively in the final scoreboard.

Rule C. Wins are completely ligated to replays. No replay, no win. Upload them in the 2021 Faction Wars Tournament Event following the tag "Player vs Player + Skill + Round".

How can i upload my wins?

IPB Image

Click upload
IPB Image

Fill the info and click +Upload (click once then wait)

8. Awards

-Winning Faction award: the winning faction can be considered for a year as the best faction of 1.09v2.00 version for a year.
-Most Valuable Player award (criteria: inputs for his team, mentoring others, sportsmanship).
-Prize pool open for donations. Paypal here. If you donate comment how much you sent and we will keep topic updated.

9. Discord

Discord to arrange the games: Official GameReplays.Org server
How to see the tournament channel?

IPB Image

1. Go to reaction-roles tab.
2. Hit the bfme2 icon.
IPB Image

3. BFME2-TOURNAMENTS will appaer in the left

10. Tournament Admin(s)

-Ecthelion (GR ID: ecthelion)
-Daryl (GR ID: 2180504)

11. Streamers(s)

-English: E.W.A Axl
-Turkish: Joelogytv

12. Registration

-Registration closes the 4th April 2021.
-Comment on this post with your Faction , Nickname Gameranger ID, and a skill rank.
-Skill ranks are: Rank 5 (Apprentice), Rank 4(Medium), Rank 3(Good), Rank 2(Challenger), Rank 1(Expert). Obviously the skill rank will be supervised and suggerences might be made.
Note: Please anticipate us if you think you won't be available during the tournament so we can organize a backup player.

Note: GameRanger and Registration names must both be the same. You will be disqualified if not. It is also encouraged but not mandatory that when the tournament start, players include in the Gameranger's name the faction they fight for, like it was a clan tag (eg; Isengard | Uglúk).

13. Tournament Topic