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BFME 2 Mentor Program December 2017

By YodA` - 8th November 2017 - 13:44 PM

Format: Mentor Program + 8 - 12 players 1v1 Single Elimination Tournament
Patch: 1.09
Platform: GameRanger
Period: 1st December 2017 - 16th December 2017

Not a Pro , No problem !

Hello everyone and welcome to the Mentor Program for December 2017. Our main goal here is to allow new players of Version 1.09 to play better in the future. For two weeks, you are able to take part in the 1.09 teaching program where you can learn as a mentee from more experienced players. After this hardcore bootcamp, you are welcome to take part in the 1vs1 Tournament against other students, where pro players and your Mentors are not allowed to participate!

Match Rules:

1000 Starting Resources; 1x Command Point Factor; No Custom Heroes; All games are Best of 3 except for the Finals and Semi-Finals.

You can pick whatever faction you would like including random. You can play each map in the Offical Tournament Rules. I have posted them below.

1v1 Maps:

1v1 MapsSizeCreepsNeutral Structures
Fords Isen375x3134x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Inn
Erech350x3502x Spider Lair, 2x Barrow Wight Lair2x Signal Fire
Erech II320x3202x Troll Lair, 2x Barrow Wight Lair2x Inn
Eryn Laer325x3754x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Signal Fire
Fangorn350x3502x Goblin Lair, 2x Barrow Wight Lair2x Inn
Hollin350x3002x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Signal Fire
Morthond Valley320x3802x Spider Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Inn
Old Forest360x3104x Spider Lair, 2x Barrow Wight Lair2x Signal Fire
Rohan300x3004x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Outpost, 2x Signal Fire, 2x Tower
Rohan II300x3002x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Inn
Tombs of Karna380x3804x Goblin Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Inn, 1x Signal Fire
Tryn Gorthad370x3207x Barrow Wight Lair2x Inn
West Emnet313x3752x Troll Lair2x Inn, 1x Signal Fire
Westfold375x3252x Goblin Lair, 4x Warg Lair, 1x Troll Lair1x Inn, 2x Signal Fire

The on-host player must pick the map. The 3rd (or 5th) match (if one is necessary) will be played on Ford of Isen and on Neutral Host

Match Organisation:

It is up to each player to find out their opponent using Challonge, contact them (refer to the Sign-Up & Tracking Topic) and get their matches under way. It is important for us track the capability of a player to find his opponent.

All tournament games have to be played on Saturday, 16th December 2017

Refrees and Organizers will judge who should proceed to the next round if 2 players are unable to play each other.


A monetary victory prize is guaranteed even though we continue to search for more donations to support further tournaments.

30€ to winner
10 € to his/her mentor

Thanks again to Ecthelion !

In addition to that, the Tournament Winner Award, Tournament Participation Award and Mentor Award are up for grabs .


Please save all replays for the tournament and upload them in the Replays Section with an appropriate title: (I.e. "XvsY Tournament Round 16", " XvsY Tournament Quarter Finals"). If you fail to do so, you may be asked to re-play your games. All decisions will be made by Referees or Organizers. Worst case scenario is that you could be eliminated from the tournament.

Registration: (Closes at 20:00 (GMT) 30 November 2017)
You must post your Game Ranger ID and name and possition (mentor / mentee) in the topic below.

If you have any questions, please contact the Referees or Organizers:
YodA` - ID: 842116