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Battle for Middle Earth 2 Strategies

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Strategy Guide

Mordor BT2DC Complete Guide

Wednesday, 9 May 2007
This is a guide that will help you learn how to use Mordor more effectively. There are many different build orders for Mordor against all factions. Mordor has more options early/mid/late game than any other faction. This guide will hopefully help you decide which build orders and strategies to...
Strategy Guide

Team Complete Guide BT2DC and Changelog

Monday, 23 Apr 2007
Compiled by Gandolfus5 and SolonameTeam games often require a very different approach than that of 1v1 games. The goal is not simply to beat the opponent opposite you, as it is in a 1v1. In a 2v2, you must offset your ally's weaknesses with your faction's strengths while working together to...
Strategy Guide

Goblins vs. Mordor BT2DC

Monday, 23 Apr 2007
If you want to learn how to master the match-up of Goblins against Mordor, you MUST read this guide and apply it to your gameplay. This guide is bound to help everyone, including both players new to the game and experienced veterans.By Grahlond - Goblin SMEdited by the esteemed angelsfanIntro to...
Strategy Guide

Goblins vs. MotW BT2DC

Monday, 23 Apr 2007
The match up of Goblins against Men can be very difficult to master. However, with the help of this guide you can quickly learn how to counter everything that Men of the West can throw at you.Introduction to GoblinsGoblin WarriorsAs always, Goblin Warriors are important in this match up for...
Strategy Guide

Goblins vs. Dwarves BT2DC

Monday, 23 Apr 2007
By Grahlond, Goblin SMEdited by angelsfanIntroduction to GoblinsGoblin WarriorsGoblin Warriors are, as always, extremely important in this match up. Against Dwarves, you must have a constant spam of these guys from at least two Caves to insure that you can take out his forward Mine Shafts and...
Strategy Guide

MotW vs. Elves BT2DC

Sunday, 22 Apr 2007
Written by: Gandolfus5April 21st, 2007Edited by: angelsfanMarch 25th, 2009Thanks to Raist for the pictures and Mr.Shankly for help getting the replaysMen of the West Unit OverviewSoldiers of GondorSoldiers of Gondor are the backbone of Men's army. They form a cheap, spammable swordsmen unit...
Strategy Guide

MotW vs. Isengard BT2DC

Saturday, 21 Apr 2007
Written by: .TitchJan 13, 2007Edited by: angelsfanBuild Orders: #1- Double BarracksBuildingsFarm --> Farm --> Barracks --> Barracks --> --> --> UnitsSoldiers of Gondor --> Soldiers of Gondor --> Soldiers of Gondor --> Soldiers of Gondor --> -->...