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Battle for Middle Earth 2 Strategies

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Strategy Guide

Dwarves 1.06 to BT2:DC Transition Guide

Monday, 27 Dec 2010
The Dwarves have probably changed the least of any faction from patch 1.06 to the current version of BT2:DC. They still rely on overwhelming their enemies with their slow but strong units, and on the tried and true methods of forward mines, creeping, and infantry pushes. However, Gimli and...
Strategy Guide

Goblins 1.06 to BT2:DC Transition Guide

Monday, 27 Dec 2010
Intended to rely on fast and unpredictable harassment early game and then transition into massive armies and powerful monsters, the Goblin faction on 1.06 was handicapped by a power point bug in Goblin Warriors, weak Goblin Archers, and sub-par pikemen. However, with a large number of balance...
Strategy Guide

Mordor 1.06 to BT2:DC Transition Guide

Monday, 27 Dec 2010
Instead of relying on a few overpowered and bug-abusable units, Mordor of BT2:DC can use all of its vast array of units and heroes to overwhelm its enemies. Nazgul and Corsairs have been nerfed and can no longer be exploited, and Industry can no longer affect multiple buildings. However, Orcs,...
Strategy Guide

Elves 1.06 to BT2:DC Transition Guide

Monday, 27 Dec 2010
The Elves of BT2:DC have been tailored around the idea that they are elite in every way. Their units deal devastatingly high damage and their heroes are fast and powerful, but they are also quite expensive. With the Eagle, Glorfindel, and the 15 power point powers balanced so that they are no...
Hero Guide

BT2:DC Download Page

Friday, 24 Dec 2010
Important NotesPatch SwitcherThe installer will install the BFME II Patch Switcher, which allows you to switch quickly between 1.00/1.06/1.08. For the the Patch Switcher to work, it is necessary that you have Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your system. We therefore highly recommend you...
Strategy Guide

Siege Hammers Guide

Sunday, 21 Nov 2010
Siege Hammers is a great upgrade that dramatically increases the damage of Guardians against buildings by adding siege damage to their attack. That being said, they are one of the least used upgrades in the game. Why? Well, there are two main reasons why Siege Hammers is shunned. The first is...
Strategy Guide

Knight Rush to Defeat Elves

Friday, 12 Nov 2010
Are you having trouble beating the mighty Elves? Do you find that you cannot seem to overcome the incredible creeping power that they possess? If so, this guide will explain exactly how to make a mockery of the Lorien Archer's powerful creeping strategy.Essentially, the purpose of this build...
Gameplay Tip

Hasty Ents Tip of the Week

Wednesday, 15 Sep 2010
As any fan of Tolkien knows, Ents and Treebeard are anything but hasty. They are quite the opposite, preferring long, thought-out decisions. The language of the Ents is long and and slow. After a long day's discussion at the Ent Moot, Treebeard reports back to the hobbits Merry and Pippin that...
Gameplay Tip

Healing - Which is Better? Updated to 1.09!

Sunday, 8 Aug 2010
Ah, the classic, age-old question that has stood the test of time. It has addled great minds. It has befuddled intellectuals. It has baffled academicians. It has confounded experts. It has discombobulated professionals. It has perturbed litterateurs. It has metagrobalized savants. It has...
Gameplay Tip

The ALT Key

Thursday, 22 Jul 2010
The ALT Key, A BFME2 History. One of the more seldom used aspects of the game is the ALT key, CTRL's ugly sister, or as most people know her, that wayfaring-mode-thing. Rarely utilized ingame, most only ever use it for directing Builders to help Creep or to direct units so as to avoid dangerous...