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Battle for Middle Earth 2 Strategies

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Gameplay Tip

Clumping With the Guardian's Charge Attack

Friday, 25 Jun 2010
As many people know, the Guardian's Charge Attack ability, which is acquired at level two, grants them an armor and speed boost, allowing them to trample over enemy units. Most players use this to defend Mine Shafts from harassing units, which works quite effectively. However, this Tip of the...
Gameplay Tip

Unit Analysis: Mithlond Sentries

Monday, 26 Apr 2010
Unit Analysis: Everything you need to know and then some. Mithlond Sentries: Mithlonds are the unit everybody loves to hate. They are the counterbalance for the Elves' otherwise superb, elite units. Sentries are frail, do not do much damage, and, worst of all, are slow. Stats are as...
Strategy Guide

Nazgul Micromanagement

Thursday, 22 Apr 2010
IntroductionThe Nazgul are very unique units in Middle-earth. Their role exceeds that of regular cavalry, besides cutting swaths through opposing archers and swordsmen, they also have a supportive role.Due to their high speed, low health, and vulnerability to any kind of massed damage, Nazgul...
Strategy Guide

Countering Heroes

Friday, 2 Apr 2010
Do pesky heroes get you down? Do you have trouble killing them while they wreak havoc on your forces? If so, this guide will provide some general solutions. The first step to defeating a hero is to understand their weaknesses, which ultimately comes down to their armor types. Please note the...
Strategy Guide

Stances and Formations

Wednesday, 17 Mar 2010
Every unit in the game can use stances except siege units and monsters. Stances generally improve some attributes of a unit, while decreasing others, but the exact amount depends on the unit's group. There are three stances - aggressive stance, battle stance (neutral stance), and hold ground...
Strategy Guide

Isengard Siege Works

Wednesday, 10 Mar 2010
Siege units are arguably the most underused units in the game, and Isengard has some of the best siege units of all the factions. The only faction with stronger siege units is Mordor, but Isengard's units and heroes are generally better at supporting siege units than Mordor's are. When used...
Strategy Guide

Insights From Machiavelli's The Prince

Sunday, 28 Feb 2010
History has been a great teaching tool for for many military strategists and tacticians. These strategists often incorporate strategies from prior, successful leaders or civilizations into the organization and tactics of their contemporary armies. Not only does this allow one to learn from the...
Gameplay Tip

Arwen's Flood - Updated to 1.09

Monday, 22 Feb 2010
Arwen is arguably the best cavalry counter available to Elves. She is of vital importance to any Elven player, and her Flood ability will tear apart units and send them flying. This tip of the week is focusing on just that.Flood + Arwen acquires the Flood ability at level four. Without it, she...
Strategy Guide

Goblin Fortress Guide

Sunday, 21 Feb 2010
When playing with Goblins, few people give much thought to base defense, as Goblins are a unit-based, offensive-style faction, and do not boast tough structures such as Dwarves or Men have. They do, on the other hand, possess some of the best Fortress upgrades and expansions in the game. This...
Gameplay Tip

The Dwarven Demolisher!

Sunday, 14 Feb 2010
Their Structures are Brittle!It shakes the ground as it approaches, rumbling along without regard to anything that happens to interfere with its path. Trees are uprooted, shields are splintered, and flesh is trampled as this mighty behemoth approaches its prey. Fear grips the heart of all who...