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Battle for Middle Earth 2 Strategies

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Gameplay Tip

Arrow Volley Tip of the Week [Updated]

Wednesday, 3 Feb 2010
Our Arrows Will Block Out the Sun!In the infamous Battle of Thermopylae, a soldier of the massive Persian army boasted that their archers were so many that they would "block out the sun". This prompted the Spartan Dienekes to retort "So much the better, we shall fight in the shade". This scene...
Strategy Guide

Elven Forward Barracks

Saturday, 30 Jan 2010
Normally, when players see someone using a forward Barracks as Elves, they just laugh and expect an easy win. This guide will tell you how, believe it or not, starting with a forward Barracks can actually be a legitimate strategy. Starting with a forward Barracks will not get you your first...
Gameplay Tip

Wight Tip of the Week

Wednesday, 6 Jan 2010
Tolkien LoreDepiction by John HoweBarrow-wights haunt the Barrow-downs in Eriador. Once the burial grounds of the Dúnedain, they are now the home of evil spirits sent by the Witch-king of Angmar. Even the peaceful Hobbits heard tales of the dreadful creatures. On their journey, Frodo Baggins...
Strategy Guide

Isengard vs. Isengard

Wednesday, 30 Dec 2009
There is a lot of luck involved in Isengard mirrors. Berserkers' splash damage, devastation, and a number of other factors can make the game unpredictable. You have to try to do all the little things right, so that you can still win, even after losing your whole army. You have to work hard at...
Strategy Guide

4 Tree Build Order vs. Men of the West

Sunday, 20 Dec 2009
Elves vs. Men is one of the toughest match-ups for Elves; the low-priced and quick-building Gondor Archers are a deadly counter for your own archers, an area where Elves usually have easy supremacy, and a Gondor Archer spam also forces the Elven player to build more Mithlond Sentries, as they die...
Strategy Guide

Mordor vs. Dwarves

Friday, 18 Dec 2009
This match up is one of the riskiest that Mordor has. It can either go really well or can turn disastrous within the first few minutes of the game, so you have to get the start just right. There is almost no room for error. Even the smallest mistake can let the guardians get all over you.Early...
Strategy Guide

Economics 101

Friday, 11 Dec 2009
Welcome to Economics 101, a course that will teach you the fundamentals of economics in The Battle for Middle-Earth II. Whether you merely want a brief overview of the economic system, an outline of key economic principles, or a meticulous examination of the intricacies of resource buildings,...
Gameplay Tip

Using Porcupine Formation to Scout Tip of the Week

Wednesday, 9 Dec 2009
Porcupine formation is an ability only available to pike units where they form two concentric circles with pikes extended, forming a barrier of cold steel. As a result, they gain a 65% boost in armor and cause trampling cavalry to decelerate much faster (if they are foolish enough to try, that...
Gameplay Tip

Deleting Buildings Tip of the Week

Wednesday, 2 Dec 2009
Deleting resource buildings that are being attacked is one of the more basic concepts of the game that all of the better players of the game learn intuitively. It is far better to delete your resource building than to let the opponent destroy it.Why Delete Your Resource Building?Generates More...
Strategy Guide

Inn Units Guide

Saturday, 21 Nov 2009
Inns allow factions to purchase specific units that complement their game style. Controlling the Inns can be quite beneficial, for they act essentially as an additional production building that does not have to be built.InnsStatisticsHealth: 2000Cost to Rebuild: 500Rebuild Time: 45OverviewInns...