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Battle for Middle Earth 2 Strategies

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Strategy Guide

Elf Mirror Guide

Saturday, 14 Nov 2009
Elves vs. Elves is the single most tentative match up in the game. The Elves being the most host dependent faction this mirror is anything but balanced. Elven units have low health, high speed, and high damage, so even the slightest mistake can be costly. This makes it difficult to win off-host,...
Strategy Guide

Isengard vs. Goblins Guide

Wednesday, 11 Nov 2009
Isengard against Goblins is the most difficult match up for Isengard. Isengard's main strengths are in having the ability to get a strong economy quickly and to build fast, strong units. Unfortunately, in this match up, neither of these are very useful. Goblins have very fast units that are...
Gameplay Tip

Dormitory Expansion Tip of the Week

Tuesday, 3 Nov 2009
This tip is about the rarely used Dormitory Expansion for the Men of the West Fortress. Learn about its uses and also a nifty trick in this short guide.Dormitory ExpansionDormitory Expansions are built at one of the build plots surrounding a Men of the West Fortress. They are similar in...
Gameplay Tip

Faramir Tip of the Week

Friday, 30 Oct 2009
Though one of the least used heroes in the Men of the West arsenal, Faramir is a versatile, cheap hero who can be extremely effective if used correctly. This Captain of Gondor must not be overlooked.FaramirStatsCost: 1500As a 1500 hero, Faramir falls into the early/mid-game, tier one hero...
Gameplay Tip

Warg Sentries

Thursday, 22 Oct 2009
A single, well-used, Warg Sentry can have incredible affects on a game. They are very effective for defending buildings and achieving map control. They can one-hit most sword units and do a very good job at slowing them down, until more of your units arrive or the Fortress kills them. This is...
Strategy Guide

Isengard Hero Guide

Wednesday, 21 Oct 2009
Learning about the various Isengard heroes can greatly improve your gameplay. Learn how to use them and when to get them with this guide.LurtzCost = 1100Build Time = 30 secondsShortcut = LWhen to Get LurtzFacing Mordor or IsengardYou will want to get Lurtz sometime between early game and middle...
Gameplay Tip

Forward Archery Range/Barracks Tip of the Week

Saturday, 10 Oct 2009
The Foward Archery Range/Barracks strategy is a flexible, economically-oriented strategy. It is well complemented by the incredible buildtime of Gondor Archers, and allows you to get a hefty resource boost/experience bonus from mass early creeping.Power PointsRally Call complements your first...
Gameplay Tip

Creeping Using Waypoints Tip

Saturday, 19 Sep 2009
Waypoints can be set for moving units to give them a set of commands that they will perform in a specific order. Most people use them for simple movement about the map, but they have alternate uses as well. This tip will discuss their usage in creeping.How do you use waypoints? Just hold down...
Strategy Guide

BT2DC Dwarves vs. Goblins Guide

Thursday, 17 Sep 2009
Dwarves have a good edge on Goblins with a great early game, where there is time to do damage. As long as you don't mess up in early game, you are well on your way to winning this match up. Keep their buildings down and you won't have to worry about the spam, so in this match up, it is all about...
Strategy Guide

The Art of Taking a Fortress

Wednesday, 16 Sep 2009
The Art of Taking a FortressBattering Rams, Demolishers, and Cave Trolls can give you a huge advantage if you manage to take your opponent's Fort down. Most people don't use Demolishers/Rams because they are considered really easy to counter and not worth their cost.In this mini guide, I will...