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Battle for Middle Earth 2 Gameplay Tips

Gameplay Tip

The ALT Key

Thursday, 22 Jul 2010
The ALT Key, A BFME2 History. One of the more seldom used aspects of the game is the ALT key, CTRL's ugly sister, or as most people know her, that wayfaring-mode-thing. Rarely utilized ingame, most only ever use it for directing Builders to help Creep or to direct units so as to avoid dangerous...
Gameplay Tip

Clumping With the Guardian's Charge Attack

Friday, 25 Jun 2010
As many people know, the Guardian's Charge Attack ability, which is acquired at level two, grants them an armor and speed boost, allowing them to trample over enemy units. Most players use this to defend Mine Shafts from harassing units, which works quite effectively. However, this Tip of the...
Gameplay Tip

Unit Analysis: Mithlond Sentries

Monday, 26 Apr 2010
Unit Analysis: Everything you need to know and then some. Mithlond Sentries: Mithlonds are the unit everybody loves to hate. They are the counterbalance for the Elves' otherwise superb, elite units. Sentries are frail, do not do much damage, and, worst of all, are slow. Stats are as...
Gameplay Tip

Arwen's Flood - Updated to 1.09

Monday, 22 Feb 2010
Arwen is arguably the best cavalry counter available to Elves. She is of vital importance to any Elven player, and her Flood ability will tear apart units and send them flying. This tip of the week is focusing on just that.Flood + Arwen acquires the Flood ability at level four. Without it, she...
Gameplay Tip

The Dwarven Demolisher!

Sunday, 14 Feb 2010
Their Structures are Brittle!It shakes the ground as it approaches, rumbling along without regard to anything that happens to interfere with its path. Trees are uprooted, shields are splintered, and flesh is trampled as this mighty behemoth approaches its prey. Fear grips the heart of all who...
Gameplay Tip

Arrow Volley Tip of the Week [Updated]

Wednesday, 3 Feb 2010
Our Arrows Will Block Out the Sun!In the infamous Battle of Thermopylae, a soldier of the massive Persian army boasted that their archers were so many that they would "block out the sun". This prompted the Spartan Dienekes to retort "So much the better, we shall fight in the shade". This scene...
Gameplay Tip

Wight Tip of the Week

Wednesday, 6 Jan 2010
Tolkien LoreDepiction by John HoweBarrow-wights haunt the Barrow-downs in Eriador. Once the burial grounds of the Dúnedain, they are now the home of evil spirits sent by the Witch-king of Angmar. Even the peaceful Hobbits heard tales of the dreadful creatures. On their journey, Frodo Baggins...
Gameplay Tip

Using Porcupine Formation to Scout Tip of the Week

Wednesday, 9 Dec 2009
Porcupine formation is an ability only available to pike units where they form two concentric circles with pikes extended, forming a barrier of cold steel. As a result, they gain a 65% boost in armor and cause trampling cavalry to decelerate much faster (if they are foolish enough to try, that...
Gameplay Tip

Deleting Buildings Tip of the Week

Wednesday, 2 Dec 2009
Deleting resource buildings that are being attacked is one of the more basic concepts of the game that all of the better players of the game learn intuitively. It is far better to delete your resource building than to let the opponent destroy it.Why Delete Your Resource Building?Generates More...
Gameplay Tip

Dormitory Expansion Tip of the Week

Tuesday, 3 Nov 2009
This tip is about the rarely used Dormitory Expansion for the Men of the West Fortress. Learn about its uses and also a nifty trick in this short guide.Dormitory ExpansionDormitory Expansions are built at one of the build plots surrounding a Men of the West Fortress. They are similar in...