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Battle for Middle Earth 2 Gameplay Tips

Gameplay Tip


Sunday, 29 Mar 2009
A useful way to stop other units from attacking your buildings, or stopping them until you have a suitable counter, is to block them. This is a very simple trick that can be very effective in helping you defend resource buildings and production buildings, should it come to that.This can be done...
Gameplay Tip

Stealthed Mithlonds

Sunday, 22 Mar 2009
This is a frequently used trick by most Elven players, which can kill a battalion of cavalry instantly, or perhaps a deadly mounted hero, such as the Nazgul.In order to achieve this trick, you place the Mithlond Sentry battalion in the trees and place it in Porcupine formation. Now to the enemy's...
Gameplay Tip

Using Wall Hubs Defensively

Sunday, 15 Mar 2009
Wall Hubs are the cheapest Fort expansion that exists for Elves, Men of the West, Isengard and Dwarves. They cost 70 resources each and upgrading your full Fort with them is nearly the same as buying one tower. Basically the idea behind using them defensively, other than building walls, is to...
Gameplay Tip

A Statue Cancels The Horn of Gondor and Cloud Break

Sunday, 1 Mar 2009
Something that many players may not know is that Statues, while providing leadership to nearby units, can also make units resistant to the effect of fear, such as Boromir's Horn of Gondor and Cloud Break, the 15 powerpoint.Just to be clear, both of these abilities stun your units. Boromir's only...
Gameplay Tip


Sunday, 22 Feb 2009
This week's tip is about the Bombard ability with ranged siege units, which has many advantages, but also disadvantages.This picture shows you where the Bombard icon is located on the Palantir.Here is a short video showing bombard being used by Dwarven Catapults.If you watch the video, you can...
Gameplay Tip

Orc Creeping

Sunday, 15 Feb 2009
Everyone seems to think that the most efficient way to creep as Mordor is to use Easterlings, but there is another method that's very interesting.You are able to creep with three Orc units, which are very effective at it. What about the Warg's trample you may ask? Well, Orc's take very little...
Gameplay Tip

Goblin Defense

Sunday, 8 Feb 2009
Goblins can defend all of their Tunnels simply with two sets of Goblin Warriors. So, how does one accomplish this you might ask? Well it's all to do with the Goblin's resource buildings, which double as a system of Tunnels.First of all, the importance of this tip. The fact that Goblins can...