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Battle for Middle Earth 2

Bad-ass comeback or Frustrating defeat? [R]

#1SeñorEcthelion  Apr 21 2017, 06:23 AM -

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Casper vs Andy.

This replay was sent to me to review or suggest how to play Elf vs Mordor. Match up which has been massively reworked after 1.08.

However, i had fun watching =D.
Applauses for the elf, who avoided making any hero at all while playing against a annoying spammer
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#2SeñorEcthelion  Apr 21 2017, 06:33 AM -

Replays: 243 Game:
I have written a few nerdy things;

To Casper:

1-Never fight in taint land, specially if there's also a nazgul debuffing.
2-Avoid fighting big orc groups, kill them when they are spreaded. other way you are losing time and doing exactly what mordor wants you to do
3-You can't play vs mordor without heros at all. specially if mordor is spaming blackriders and MoS.
4-Lancers have been improved a lot vs mordor, but Glorfindel still being the best counter. Lancers are just waste of money that promotes mordor to spam blackriders. It's like a bad chess move that helps developing pieces.
5-Focus on level 2 or level 3 resource buildings. Ignore level 1 farms, other way you would be falling into a strategical trap. You gotta attack the base of the pawn chain bra.
6-When you see dismounted nazguls, you are are seeing fresh meat. Clump your hordes around them, just like if nazguls were structures. Then try to kill them in 2-3 hits with your whole army. If you attack them slowly you are giving to your enemy the notification of nazgul dying and he can simply save him.
Same concepto applies for enemy builders, you don't want to attack them unless every unit of your horde could damage him.
7-Expand continuously, specially when you are wining or distracting a lot your enemigo! don't be afraid to handle 3 builders aswell!
8-Cloudbreak is useless vs mordor... why would you want to stun simple orcs? Specially if mordor didn't even make corsairs. Same concept goes for Volleyarrow. Best Powerpoint path is Bombadil-Chickens-Flood.
9-If andy is making heros and gorgoroth spire, why don't you do the same? Fortress Chickens, casper!

To Andy.

1-Nice orc mixing, why don't you also merge some Archers behind the orc meatshield? Archers are actually the most annoying thing for elves, specially if Blackriders are debuffing the enemy and orc meatshields are covering everything.
2-If Elf took rally, means he will use volley arrow, which means SUMMON ENTS! (probbly you don't know the pp paths on this game). Upgrade your fortress before he summons any ent. With barricade and fire arrows you completly nullify summon ents (even if i also strengthened ents vs barricade with fire)
3-Balrog always in aggressive stance, and ignited!!
#3RanDoM'L0L  Apr 21 2017, 07:11 AM -

Replays: 106 Game:
The knowledge of ect striked me. Good stuff wub.gif
#4DeeZ Daryl  Apr 21 2017, 08:17 AM -
Replays: 29 Game:
I think frustrating defeat biggrin.gif wubbed
#5makacik  Apr 21 2017, 10:59 AM -
Replays: 24 Game:
gg i think if Casper took Bombadil and Eagles instead of Sunflare he would has it
#6casper_  Apr 21 2017, 15:39 PM -

Replays: 58 Game:
forgot about the big flyin chicken on fort, everything makes sense now...
#7Andy San  Apr 21 2017, 18:20 PM -

Replays: 9 Game:
shame on me
#8Fitton  Apr 30 2017, 09:17 AM -

Replays: 22 Game:
This was a good game to watch!
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