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Battle for Middle Earth 2

[Finals] Ecthelion vs RanDoM #2

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#11Andy San  Apr 24 2017, 10:04 AM -

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QUOTE(makacik @ Today, 09:59 AM)
Random is not first player ever who lost focus on game and threw game he should win. Bunito played it perfectly and cameback like no other player can. I Enjoyed it, nice game nice comeback, i dont get why is everyone blaming it.. next time make it to final guys and show that you wont let bunito comeback vs you when u are so smart.

I just said it was a bad game. I can say this by watching this replay.
#12RanDoM'L0L  Apr 24 2017, 15:10 PM -

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The other two were, this one was funny and gg tbh. How many times do you see boats transporting workers to islands or siege boats shoting at your fort lol ...or archer boats helping out the fights on land smile.gif

Disclaimer 1: I couldnt place the flood properly because of the map layout(cant place on watersurface for some reason?????), which probably fucked me up a decent amount.

Disclaimer 2: The arrow volley - I saw the initial one arrow falling down and killing my archers at the same time, without seeing the animation of the actual arrow volley damage animation, dunno why that happens but it does from time to time ...altho i understand my units were out of position and a large chunk of them would probably still die to the volley even if this weird "lagg bugg" did not happen.

Btw Ect did the transport boats sometimes unload the worker on diff land if it was "in a straight line" with the land you clicked it to unload on?

Btw for you guys saying that the finals were shit - yes they were, Ect played exceptionally well and I certainly didnt have my moment, perhaps you should get there next time and show us better xD

#13Se˝orEcthelion  Apr 25 2017, 01:32 AM -

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volley arrow animation thing is not rlly about lag. your camera was focuses somewhere else than the battle, meanwhile i casted volley arrow. when you came back your archers were dead or about to, so the game "notifies you" it happened by showing the animation
#14RanDoM'L0L  Apr 25 2017, 02:08 AM -

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I dunno its not the first time this happened and ut was always the offhost guy casting it so honestly I dont see anything but lagg causing it...not that its an excuse for not focusibg where I should be.
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