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Battle for Middle Earth 2

Shiny Blade Action vs Everything

#21Mako  May 6 2017, 13:53 PM -

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QUOTE(Val` @ Yesterday, 13:03 PM)
You guys are being a tad too defensive, Andy and Mako. Turgons post isnt flaming anyone. Keep it civil, you are both staff, disappointing.

Was i too aggressive?

I only said that if he finds 2.02 DW vs Isen MU broken to tell us on our section. I'm not defensive at all but i think turgon is MOOOOOOORE expert player than me and like you said all suggestions are welcome!

And my 2.02 vs 1.09 was a jk happy.gif (i always forget that ppl don't undesrtand jokes). Tbh i felt the same impression about andy's post. I told him he was too aggressive. Sometimes happen also to me.
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