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Battle for Middle Earth 2

Gadji_Bro VS M...

#11SN0WBL4CK  Nov 2 2017, 19:46 PM -
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QUOTE(SeñorEcthelion @ Today, 08:01 AM)

someone wants to see someone lose on yodas twitch si!

No i watch yoda live a lot and i have seen shadowfox lose plenty there. Also i dont think yoda uploads the casts on his twich.
#12SeñorEcthelion  Nov 2 2017, 20:14 PM -

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lel i barely understand the difference between twitch cast streams and shit xddxd
#13Gadji_Pro  Nov 8 2017, 13:17 PM -
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QUOTE(YodA` @ Nov 1 2017, 22:13 PM)

Tomorrow we will see if it was "worth it". Yea!

Well, are there any comments?
#14Gadji_Pro  Nov 8 2017, 13:21 PM -
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QUOTE(D3ATH^G0D @ Oct 31 2017, 00:47 AM)
Very WELL Played!

After losing your fort you managed to outplay him whole game long. He had absolutely no answer to your mountain trolls counter. After that attack trolls completely raped him. Very well played especially on his host. GG

but what has become of it, seems to be nothing indecent was not
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