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Battle for Middle Earth 2

[R] Blinky vs Clever

#1Blinky  Apr 21 2008, 16:16 PM -
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Hmm we played 3 but I think the last game was the best, the first game was also quite good so i may post that later.

The MU is gobs elves, on a neutral host this makes for quite a good MU imo. I had possibly the worst start losing 1 of builders almost from the word go, game progressed from there and its quite even for a very long time. Enjoy watching, it was a fun game to play smile.gif


Rated by: Jase
West: PoW|Bikini/Goblins
East: PoW|Clever/Elves


This game was Elf vs Gobs, but the Elves player went the usual creep strat while Gobs went for the standard Goblins BO to Spiders Pit, there were a few battles that Elves came out on top of at beginining but that didn't rule anyone out of the game. There were many twists and turns where Goblins looks or so they are going to move foward harass properly and maybe do some serious damage, but Elves kept defending and hanging on. The watcher got summoned and Elf army wiped out once again, eventally Gobs made the breakthrough with Darkness being used and taking down all of Clever's Production buildings in a flash. In the end Elves lost the game due to lack of harassment because Gobs spam was to much and Blinky ends up winning with Mass Trolls.

This game was very good for enterainment very good game guys well played

Game Rating:6
Rotw Contender
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#2Val`  Apr 21 2008, 16:36 PM -

Noone is aloud to watch this until I have.
#3FreedomX10A  Apr 21 2008, 16:37 PM -
#4AoWCelebron  Apr 21 2008, 16:53 PM -
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Lol why is Legolas' damage vs trolls so low??
Good game, but i think thats a difficult MU for elves player....Maybe some more heroes would have been useful or early ups....idk about that.
#5Drizzt Do'Urden  Apr 21 2008, 17:05 PM -
No offence but both of your stance usage's sucked donkey balls, and so did Blinky's building placement - way to place it the wrong way round! biggrin.gif

Can't say more atm, watching still tongue.gif Just the things that I thought were awful.

Edit: Flood usage was pro.

Edt2: That's what happens if you don't creep good enough as Elves, plus why Cloudbreak? I realize you lost at that time anyway but still.
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#6Blinky  Apr 21 2008, 17:30 PM -
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Stances are for noobs. Also didn't you think maybe i wanted my building that way round. That way i can see all the entrances, i don't want nobody sneaking in.

Oh also he got cloudbreak to counter my pwnage darkness.
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#7Val`  Apr 21 2008, 17:40 PM -

Drizzt I'll take a cappuccino thanks, lots of milk, lots of sugar.
#8Drizzt Do'Urden  Apr 21 2008, 17:41 PM -
You had Darkness? Must've missed it sad.gif

And stances are not for nubs. You just suck.
#9Mr.Shankly  Apr 21 2008, 18:32 PM -
Clevers stances were not that bad, he switched to F stance when GW got in melle to his archers and when he was retreating etc. Some of his stances couldve been a bit better i guess, but i doubt it wouldve made mch difference at all.
#10Drizzt Do'Urden  Apr 21 2008, 18:38 PM -
Most of his units were in battle stance most of the time.
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