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Battle for Middle Earth 2

[Silver] [R] Gloin's Hammer vs the Power of the White Hand

#11ArCh4Ng3L  Mar 4 2018, 15:02 PM -

An unusually decent & long enough game with many "comebacks",fast pacing and dwarven hero action against high expansion of isen-units with all PP used.But let's get a little bit more detailed, IPB Image


  • Rapid and productive expansion.
  • Nice control of the map throughout the game.
  • Always aggressive harassing your opponent quite efficiently.
  • Smart placement of the 2nd fortress behind the already built walls.IPB Image

  • Nice use of DS focusing on Gimli lvl 10 instead of his one of his fortresses IPB Image
  • I believe a 2nd urukpit for zergz would be more efficient at early/mid game.It's quite risky to spend your resources on early wargs against dwarves even with onhost adv cuz a simple mistake can be decisive for the outcome.
  • Pay more attention to gloins slam,it's pitty to get dmg to your units when harassing mines given your onhost adv.
  • Dont hesitate to use wargs' howl against axes.If not, your enemy axes can survive.
  • Focus on his high level RBs when wildmen are summoned instead of his raxes.You see a lvl 2 or 3 rbs? IPB Image

    The dmg inflicted will be much more efficient cuz you will have more chances destroying a more important structure.
  • Pay more attention around your territory for enemy structures. IPB Image
    Had you noticed the mine before you lose your fort ,you would have avoided the length of the game despite its beauty.
    Don't forget about fort crows!

  • Fairly good enough expansion of units in mid game around the enemy territory.
  • Clever placement of the mine that helped you destroy isen fortress. [img]https://i.giphy.com/media/YEe4Y10PuOTYI/giphy.webp[/img]
  • Very aggressive in late game with nice mix of units and heroes which was all you needed in order to destroy his lvl 3 RBs and damage his eco.
  • Once you are aware your opponent is Isen, given that he scouts with pala at the beginning of the game,it is safer to make an agressive start rather than a defensive one (like 4 farm-axes+guards that you made) cuz it is most likely your opponent will be agressive too.
    perhaps start with troll lair to get hobbits,its great asset for early rush against isen
  • Use more frequently defensive stance,will save you much more significant time and units in small skirmishes around the map.
  • Dont hesitate to use Heal on Gloin lvl 10 after crippled by Lurzt.You had so many ways to save him like first using EQ, then undermine + heal which would grant you enough time to use his hammer and wipe out the surrounding enemy units.Was a very crucial part of the game,sure one of the decisive ones and very sad to lose him like that IPB Image
  • Save your hobbits for defensive skirmishes or other significant reasons compared to wasting them on a phenomenally dead but upgraded fort with good enough defense.
  • Avoid ForgeWorks in late game if your only purpose is to make BWs.If not having the necessary resources to support an upgraded army,better save your eco for infantry and RBs expansion.
  • Use siege ,even more so once you notice walls.
  • Why Dain alone?Always protect the King!
    RIP IPB Image

Entertainment Rating: 8/10
Skill Rating: 6/10


Τhanks for reading.
IPB Image
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#12ArCh4Ng3L  Mar 4 2018, 15:14 PM -

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also wubbed:)
#13THE GLUTEMASTER  Mar 4 2018, 17:17 PM -
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Awesome! Thank you Otto. I really appreciate the suggestions/advice.
#14SeñorEcthelion  Mar 4 2018, 20:58 PM -

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cuantos gifs, nice!
#15Fitton  Mar 4 2018, 21:44 PM -

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It’s good to see a review. smile.gif
#16Val`  Mar 5 2018, 08:11 AM -

Good review, well done.

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