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Battle for Middle Earth 2

[Silver] [C] Bunito's MotW on action& #1

Fords of Isen II
Fords of Isen II
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#1SeñorEcthelion  May 13 2017, 22:39 PM -

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MotW was picked, Isengard was random.
Maka's stream missed a lot of fun things, including the way his own heros died. Lots of units fighting, pretty fun game to watch probably.

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#2makacik  May 13 2017, 23:12 PM -
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ak47 on fort that kill heroes in 2 secs even without fire arrows, many weird things, many weird damages, some weird op immortal armor units. I know i played bad i was tired but would be enough if retard bunito didnt cheat.
#3SeñorEcthelion  May 14 2017, 02:00 AM -

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maka, please
#4SeñorEcthelion  May 14 2017, 04:00 AM -

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Althought, maka-boy, i used to feel the same frustration you are talking about, in my begginings, against the greek... How was possible that few towers in fortress were so tought to siege with infantry/cavalry? That feeling that everyone feels against a mordor fortress with 3 barricades i used to felt it against otto men or dwarf towers.

It ended up being because of the way he places his structures, which i have never given attemption. Mostly because i always play considering the shitty "red bug" so my buildings are spreaded and placed in the weak spots. Untill i slowly learned to place them in more defensive spots.
#5Fitton  May 21 2017, 21:17 PM -

Replays: 24 Game:
The fort fire was fine in my opinion.

Was an interesting game.
#6QuikSilwer  Sep 9 2017, 19:14 PM -
Replays: 6 Game:
Shifted to the Silver replays section due to rare resurrection of the losing side.
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