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Battle for Middle Earth 2

[ROTW] [R] Doc Savage in Smashed Potatoes!

#1powerkartoffel  Mar 24 2021, 02:48 AM -

Replays: 8 Game:
Powerkartoffel vs Savager aka Georgi93pz
Goblins vs Isengard

This replay have not just fire: its an explosion.

Comebacks and 4 Fortresses in a awesome comedy drama match
#2SeñorEcthelion  May 19 2021, 21:21 PM -

Replays: 518 Game:
Game was over when the fun stuff occurred, you were too overconfident after you took his fort. Once saruman was out you should have intermediately stop making cavetrolls & camping in middle.
But you should actually rewatch the replay and realise how epic his berserker was; the fortress razors were 1 millisecond away from destroying the deployed mine before detonation.

Wubbed for Savege's comeback and elegant base blow up. I don't actually appreciate when mines are used in games where there's nothing you can do to stop them, but here the goblin base was entirely capable of defending against the mine biggrin.gif
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#3SeñorEcthelion  May 19 2021, 23:06 PM -


"Life is short. That’s all there is to say. Get what you can from the present – thoughtfully, justly."
- Marcus Aurelius

This game is sweeter than honey on my lips, and a delight to the senses. This match embodies the energy, aptitude, and rivalry between these two dynamic players. Albert Einstein once said that learning is a journey of life; here you will find new strategies and build orders that may revitalize your love for the game. Thankfully, Yoda` was able to neutral host, allowing such a match to play out to its fullest potential.


IPB Image

Our favorite YouTube sensation superstar kindly offered to neutral the match, showing his genuine respect for sportsmanship, Olympic competitive spirit, and dedication to the community. A shoutout to our local commentator, competitor, strategist, and professional BFME-series player, Yoda` for allowing this match to happen. It is without a doubt, undeniably, that his host has been the golden standard for the past generation of BFME2 competitors, and his commentaries are known to rock the internet world, often shaking up the meta and inspiring changes.

Thanks to his amazing commitment and dedication shown in this match, I would like to say Thank You on behalf of the entire GameReplays staff, patch developers, testers, players, and viewers alike for his benevolent goodwill.

His soothing commentaries often calm the nerves after a hard day at work, yet they are so electrifying to keep you glued to your seat. Many individuals often comment they are absorbed in deep thought and reflection. His specialized guides, personal discord coaching sessions, dangerous micro/macro, and devotion to our community has not gone unnoticed. We all need a coach, a teacher, a mentor to guide us through our journeys. Those who heed the lessons of those with experience often find wisdom, truth, and happiness.

"We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve."
- Bill Gates


- Exquisite hosting skills
- Amazing 1 ping,
- Stunning 484.54 Mpbs download speed
- Unbelievable 48.97 Mbps upload speed

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- Latest, most in-demand specs on the market

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- Elite presence empowers players
- Devotion and support to the BFME2 community
- Expert replays, reviews, skills, and knowledge
- Uses only high-tech, video capture technology to illustrate the best gameplay possible
- Videos produce a constant stream of new players
- The simplest installation guides ever created




Often regarded as a man that flames you, kicks you from his server if you troll him, and reports you for homophobic slurs in Geylenos server, the one and only "Savage" has managed to come out on top with an amazing feat thanks to his quick thinking and macro-micro engagement throughout the game.
His famous afk x-bow defense and regards for his units' safety and wellbeing has reduced the average healthcare costs among the Uruk-Hai of Isengard. You may wonder why he decides to not destroy the middle tower, but it is part of a grand plan. This strategy aims to reducing the Isengard mortality rates and hospitalizations, as he believes unnecessary warfare is unjust. Despite the money saved in healthcare costs, it was paid at least 3-fold back in building-repairs and upkeep, building a new fortress.


A newly discovered talent and rival player has selected the Goblin faction. Innovating new build orders and never before seen uses of cave trolls easily took down the enemy fortress. With the many well-timed warchants proving to be a constant menance to Isengard's maintenance bills, Savage's ultimate defense proved to be too great a barrier to overcome. Many might ask "why did Savage not buy wildmen before his fortress expired;" however, foresight and destiny allowed truly devastating future wildmen summons. You might even say that it was all part of the plan. Thanks to Saruman's timely arrive and immediate impact on the field, this spelled disaster for the Goblins.


I would like to make a quick shoutout to Yoda for making this review possible, and I would like to advise everyone to subscribe to his YouTube channel and Twitch, and send him a personal message thanking him for his great service.

Host Rating: 9.85/10

PC Specs: 10/10

Entertainment Scale: 9.5/10

Handsomeness: 9/10

Final Rating: 9.6/10

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Review by:


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#4VoluptuousUdders  May 19 2021, 23:24 PM -

Replays: 15 Game:
This game meets all the expectations defined defined by the "gold replay" expectations, and it would be a great way for us to help promote our epic games like this. Super intense, wtf-moment game with amazing, buttery smooth host. Even silver is too small an honor imo.
#5Maru  May 21 2021, 14:37 PM -
Amazing review lol, not often we see so much effort put into one.

Unable to watch the game, but I bet it’s awesome.

As for gold, who knows. Mistakes do need to be minimal to meet the criteria though.
#6SeñorEcthelion  May 21 2021, 16:44 PM -

Replays: 518 Game:
QUOTE(Maru @ Today, 11:37 AM)
Amazing review lol, not often we see so much effort put into one.

Unable to watch the game, but I bet it’s awesome.

As for gold, who knows. Mistakes do need to be minimal to meet the criteria though.

i dont think yoda made any mistake
#7Maru  May 24 2021, 18:24 PM -
Well then I'm sure it's a contender smile.gif
#8Johann Tilly  Nov 24 2021, 20:28 PM -
Replays: 195 Game:
cool move with the bomb.
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