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Battle for Middle Earth 2

[R] The impossibility of Men vs onhost Elves myth

#11LATINO  Jul 5 2018, 12:01 PM -
Crazy shit jajaj good job ohmy.gif

QUOTE(ArCh4Ng3L @ Today, 05:15 AM)
Coming back yet for another Replay Review IPB Image

so given the high replays-activity in bfme2 section,let's get started with a RR between two of our beloved bfme2 experts.


This game is less about a myth being demystified and more about taking full advantage of your potential enemy's overestimation of onhost advantage.It's about lots of upper hand switches from start to end,mediocre to high action skirmishes around both bases,rare hero duels and unexpected turn of events due to crucial strategic options from both sides.


  • Very quick and nice recovery at the early failed rush by taking advantage of the lack of tower guards your enemy did not have to support his poor infantry from your cavalry.[img]https://media1.tenor.com/images/46c8d53ab64fe0c5a836a5d9c8302a0b/tenor.gif?itemid=8017590[/img]
  • Always perfect stances to both cavalry and infantry.
  • Excellent macro after gained control of some major skirmishes.
  • Efficient mid+late-game harassment though not enough to overcome his well supported attacks
  • Correct focusing on killing his (strong) heroes (with anti-heroes,eagles etc) at most of the times.IPB Image
  • Take the adv of being onhost and try a start of 2 battalions of lorien archers or 1 bat of LAs + 1 of LWs instead of warrior rush->safer creep->safer resources for a fast cavalry purchase to deal with the forward rax + his archer spam.
  • Try to avoid forward tower camp when you dont have full control of the enemy base or the map IPB Image

    . With just land as armor buff + his cavalry he can easily break it and there is no reason to risk losing both time and resources for a suicidal tactic.Focusing on harassing his rbs is destructive enough for his economy.
  • Avoid saving money for expensive elven heroes against motw and work on your much more efficient Eregion Forge upgrades.
  • Please dont be afraid of using mirks.RC+Farsight can be a deadly combo against anything.IPB Image
  • Don't hesitate to defend your lvl 2 farms instead of instantly destroying them after an enemy threat.You had enough army at most cases in order to either save your structure or at least inflict enough dmg to your enemy.
  • Careful with the stances of your heroes.Mediocre hero micro was observed given your skill+host adv.
  • Use more frequently Erlonds Farsight,dozens of times it was left wasted while you had enough ranged army on the field.
  • Use flood on his much needed remaining units around his house of healing and dont aim to the actual fortress itself. IPB Image

    It was an absolute gift to motw that your actual aim was different than the needed one.
  • Poor unit micro nearly the end of the game,when all odds were on your favor,you nulified your chances for a successful attack while not properly protecting your archers with pikes at the right time.IPB Image

  • Also use Wirlwind more frequently...Was a pitty giving so much space to motw to win most of the skirmishes around the map without casting this ability. Spoiler even before your hero died in vain IPB Image

  • Nice early pressure and summoning of SoGs as first infantry which helped you to delay your enemy combined with Land in order to defend your beloved creep (despite not reclaiming it) and produce even more units to counter his failed early rush.
  • Correct stances overall.
  • Wise choice of house of healing given that your nearly dead units were at most of the times saved and fully recovered.
  • Smart pick of cloudbreak (and not waiting for 25pp) taking advantage for once again another failed rush of your opponent by the unprotective archers.IPB Image

  • Efficient enough late-game harassment surpassing your enemy's map control.
  • Uncommonly wise use of marketplace.
  • Avoid creeping with just 1 battalion of tower guards while your opponent has better map control at that moment and can easily creepjack you.Its a high risk you dont want to take against elves onhost.Spoiler IPB ImageAnd as expected you lost most of it.
  • Don't hesitate to use shield formation like we are used to see by your motw.Specially against elf.
  • Given your high lvl troups of knights + theoden,would be even more eyegasmic IPB Image to see both eowyn/eomer as hero supporters along with Rohs.
  • Don't hesitate to use earlier upgrades (for your cav mostly) instead of spending on Aragorn who can be an easy target against eagles+erlond given your offhost disadvantage.
  • Use siege.
Entertainment Rating: 9/10
Skill Rating: 8/10


IPB Image

Thanks for reading my highly engaging, significant and constructive review.
Spoiler after an hour or so I think IPB Image

to finally sleep.

#12Apmn  Jul 6 2018, 07:00 AM -
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wow man what a review .D
#13ArCh4Ng3L  Jul 6 2018, 15:59 PM -

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thank you one by one wub.gif
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