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Battle for Middle Earth 2

An unhappy grendel challenges buk 1v1. Grond rush

#1VoluptuousUdders  Mar 24 2021, 07:13 AM -

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after his muchos losses and disconnect to gameranger in 2v2 and complains of 1-sided lag, some 1v1s ensued. finally, a chance for gondor's loyal grendel to prove his worth, well maybe.
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#2casper_  Mar 24 2021, 08:22 AM -

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factionzz plzz
#3Clever  Mar 24 2021, 12:25 PM -
The third replay FamerLau uploaded. I watched it. Imo it's a show-off replay, not really entertaining. But then [Tar]Gr3nD4L also asked for it by posting "Tiddy needs wrecked cuz he thinks he is good" in discord.

Tiddy: Mordor
[Tar]Gr3nD: Men
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