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Battle for Middle Earth 2

game which show the encirclement strategy of dwarf

#11Johann Tilly  Aug 4 2021, 08:24 AM -
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QUOTE(SCloud @ Today, 00:17 AM)

Guardians are better vs swords and RBs indeed. Pikes can tank archers on porcupine better. However, guardians can use charge (need level 2) to get close up to archers and actually win a fight (or just ignore archers and cause damage to RBs / PBs). BUT what I meant better than guardians is : in this case scenario, he had neither archers or swords. Just nazguls, MoS and fortress arrows. Phanlanx work better against all of these elements and faster. HP wise, I am pretty sure Phalanx has more HP ( as it is with most pike units other than shitlonds)

yeah more phalanx or phalanxes only at mid/lategame would have forced the heroes to dismount and protect the upgraded MoD better, so that they could shoot/aim on the heroes and structures.

QUOTE(SCloud @ Today, 00:17 AM)

Concerning my previous comment on your other game, that was just my analysis of a game you could have won + a pinch of satire to making reading an essay easier and funnier

I got it.
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