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Battle for Middle Earth 2

Tower Rush

#1Johann Tilly  Nov 15 2019, 22:02 PM -
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I was building pikes because I wanted to creep, but then yoda built this tower near my base, and mithlonds couldnt destroy it. I think an ent stone thrower fortress expansion is the solution against the towers, but when this came to my mind, it was too late. Maybe also an Ent from Ent Moot, but thats very expensive in early game.

If I had built a barrack and one MT (but I never start with such Build Order), then I would have killed the tower with swords and RC, but who would know he would do this.

Made treebeard for fun at the end.
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#2SilverBane  Nov 15 2019, 22:28 PM -
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I didnt watch, but mithlond start is rarely a good idea (only if you know 100% ur opponent is going horses, and even then arwen or haldir is a better idea). Better to creep with archers
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