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Battle for Middle Earth 2

1v1 -CoLDRoN-_ vs. Fitton

Video Type:Commentary
Players/Teams:-CoLDRoN-_ (Mordor) vs. Fitton (Goblins)
The Lord of the Rings
The Battle for Middle-Earth II
Match type: 1v1
Patch: 1.08
Map: Fords of Isen II
Team 1 - -CoLDRoN-_ (Mordor)
Team 2 - Fitton (Goblins)

WOW what a game...congrats to mordor and goblin players!Lovely casting and too much action despite the misplays!The worst mistake i think that both players did was that they did not use trolls or other essential units(especially mordor player who used insta after orcs/easterlings witch king.I believe that these 5k gold could be used on trolls mumaks and mouth of sauron and mordor could finish the game a lot earlier.Goblin player 1 cave troll in 40 minutes? tongue.gif really) Nvm i was very happy to watch it great game fellows keep it up!