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Battle for Middle Earth 2 1.06

Hero Action (2) Elves vs Gobs

#51DaVakis  Jan 22 2010, 00:02 AM -
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honestly i think mith has some pretty amazing mirco with his heroes and the way he manages his cash is pretty amazing too. but after that being said hero spam is pretty graesy

btw men>>>>>>>>>>gobs since sog spam>>>>>>gw spam and men heroes>>>>>gob heroes
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#52Mithandrir  Jan 22 2010, 02:40 AM -
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I got a nice idea:
Just for the reason so many players think hero spam is very easy and op and it requires not much skill: I got a link for you!
Itīs a german forum, but all you have to do is downloading the zip-file and extract it to your map folder.
Itīs a hero map. You need 4 players, everyone got 4/5 heroes and you will be attacked by huge armies.
You might say "hey, i dont play stupid hero maps" but give it a try. Show me how easy it is to micro just 4 units/heroes at once.
And another interesting thing is to realize, that some upgraded units can easily kill a huge amount of heroes if you are doing mistakes.

I would like to see a replay of master Nadedawg and his footboy Knallhexe. Show me how easy it is to bash some stupid units with OP heroes.

Btw. itīs one of the best custom maps Iīve ever played. Itīs not like who is killing the most units with custom heroes. You need a very good knowledge of all heroes, good micro and without teamplay you are doomed.
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