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Battle for Middle Earth 2 1.06

Skilled game with much action

#1JB  Apr 7 2010, 19:35 PM -
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OK so i keep getting told i dont upload many replays these days, this was my first game in a while with 4 highly skilled players.

Me and Sere vs Turbo and Fifa

Turbo asked if he could take elves as he is for sure a top 5 elf player on 1.6 and cw and we agreed id take gobs for fun also smile.gif

It was a bit of a laggy game with me being host with lag also, However it turned into a very good game and turbo playing/showing how to play elves very well with lag.

I think you may enjoy this 1 biggrin.gif
#2Krafted101  Apr 7 2010, 20:19 PM -
Replays: 13
lol lag for all but jbee, Was a nice game either way. Had to make ara >.<

Oh the crappy ara lame on fort at the end was to end the game faster since turbo didnt want to quit
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#3lekenceto  Apr 7 2010, 20:42 PM -
The three players excluding Fifa played good.......:)He spent too much on heroes just to lose these heroes for nothing :)))) Good game and was funny. I think the elven team was the best if he had a good partner.

JB:I had to edit you tip as i think you were drunk when you wrote it and was very hard to understand :P

AF: I had to edit your edit of his tip since your edit was pathetic.
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#4JB  Apr 7 2010, 20:51 PM -
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You have to rember that isen was on deffence most of game and vs men is tough.He didnt have much choice but to get heros.They were both forced into spamming pikes and for isen this is exspensive if you dont have much eco running for you.
Due to this isen heros are your only hope as isen relies on its superb eco but if you dont have it, heros are your only hope without much cp.
#5Spambuster  Apr 7 2010, 23:15 PM -
Replays: 4
GG guys , i really enjoyed to observe this game.
#6JB  Apr 7 2010, 23:17 PM -
Replays: 32 Game:
GG guys , i really enjoyed to observe this game.

Ty mate smile.gif
#7Krafted101  Apr 8 2010, 06:09 AM -
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umm the freaken heroes that he wasted so much money on made my time miserable. I'd rather face 6k in units than those 3 heroes. I had to make freaken ara and boro, good grief
#8JoolaEnergy  Apr 8 2010, 14:33 PM -
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I'll take a look smile.gif
#9ArCh4Ng3L  Apr 8 2010, 17:22 PM -

Replays: 55 Game:
Already popular?Im on it smile.gif
#10FiFaPr0  Apr 8 2010, 18:01 PM -
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ye i sucked playin this, turbo carried me whole game, i was lagging v hard this game, and had minimap lagg from bout first 5 mins, and as i use minimap ALOT so it affected me so much, half the game it showed my army was at sere's base and probs why i had idle units..but nonetheless was ok game,first one i played in months
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