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Battle for Middle Earth 2 1.06

Very Skilled 2v2- Don't Get Double Gandalf!

#1Elrol  Jul 26 2010, 04:31 AM -
Replays: 8 Game:
With Serenade as my team mate we vs Otto and his AoW mate. Elves and Gobs vs their Double Men. According to Serenade, the Double Gandalf strat they had going was their ultimate downfall biggrin.gif haha enjoy and Wub!
#2Crabby Lobster  Jul 26 2010, 13:44 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
Gandalf is UP on 1.06, so any Gandalf sux. Anyone who says otherwise either doesn't realize he costs 5000 or is not very bright. I suppose he could be OP with Boromir's OP 1.06 horn, but that's Boromir that's OP, not Gandalf.
#3ArCh4Ng3L  Jul 26 2010, 14:08 PM -

Replays: 55 Game:
I would never say that Gandalf isnt op in 1.6 and whoever says that he doesnt know his original quallity.You just need to attack with Boromir and Eomer in his side for more pp and resources ofc.The false in this game was my bad defence.While our opponents were planing to attack my base with eagles like Serenade said to me I should upgrade with numenor stonework and fire arrows .But I just made some wrong optiond like making many ithillien rangers.They seemed useless when they used sun light -.- .W/e I had fun was a good game and entertaining too.

ELROL YOU PWNED banana.gif
#4Krafted101  Jul 26 2010, 17:55 PM -
Replays: 13
lol gandalf is op desk, you must not use him very often. He is hard to kill if he is used properly. Its just two gandalfs, two boromirs vs goblins and elf. One gandalf and two boromir is more than enough. Otto upgrading your fort with towers was one thing I said but really I also meant getting unit upgrades as well. 5,000 is enough to make more units, get upgrades, and make towers on your fort. And maybe you all should have brought some horses in too. You guys had horses in the beginning but after I killed the stable you stopped making them and had a dual ranger spam.

Either way a fun game, very annoying at the start; I did not think we would win.
#5Mithandrir  Jul 26 2010, 18:58 PM -
Replays: 19 Game:
Gandalf is UP on 1.06, so any Gandalf sux. Anyone who says otherwise either doesn't realize he costs 5000 or is not very bright.

Seems like you got no clue how to use gandalf and you have never seen a replay, showing gandalfs skills.
I played several games with good players when it was 1on2/1on3/2on4 and I could deal with all enemies just because of gandalf. Many players say "gg" when they see my Gandalf and that is not a joke.
Gandalf is absolutly worth his salt and you should get him as fast as you can. The combination of Boromir, Aragorn and Gandalf might be op, but the problem is 99% of all players dont know what to do vs the 3 heroes.
I can also say, that I never lost a game because the motw are too op...

Let´s take a look at the game, hard to believe the motw team will lose!
#6Mithandrir  Jul 26 2010, 19:09 PM -
Replays: 19 Game:
Pfff, what a deception.
The whole game is about eageling Otto´s fort.
I dont know why he had no upgrades, some defense, builder in Zeno´s base or anything else. The motw won the game after 5mins and just because of this stupid mistake they lost the game.
The game shows nothing about gandalf and his skills...Otto used him on horse to haras and in this case desktipper is right: 5k for a bad haraser is a waste and up smile.gif
#7Elrol  Jul 26 2010, 22:08 PM -
Replays: 8 Game:
Eagle summon didn't pop out after 5 min Mith... So what all happened between the 5 min mark and when Eagles were summoned? Just blank space??
#8Krafted101  Jul 26 2010, 22:29 PM -
Replays: 13
Yea your comments kind of disregard the entire replay and make it sound like crap. Its not a bad replay really. Just because otto made the mistake of doing nhothing to his fort over halfway through the game when we finally use eagle power (note that its pretty far through the game before we hit his fort with that power), nor any upgrades etc doesn't mean its bad. The whole game was not about "eagling" his fort.

Really early game is focused on my base, mid game is still in my base and a bit in elrols with me finally getting units out to attack, and then late (I don't know if you would call it late really) but further on in the game its a fight to see who controls harrassment and finally we just bomb otto's fort. There is a lot of stuff in between.

No one ever said Gandalf was used great in this replay so there is nothing "deceptive" about it. Desk just said he hates gandalf and that he thinks gandalf is a waste. I'm pretty sure you just meant that desk didn't get a good look at gandalf on this replay.

Also otto didn't have any builders to build with. His one that was still alive was making a wall hub because I had random units everywhere and had been attacking it(before we even used eagle power). It also didn't seem likely that they would lose so there was no reason for otto to have randomly built a barracks in the other guy's base, though he could have. You have to understand from their viewpoint they were miles ahead of us, and they were really, we, mainly myself, had to fight our way back into the game, so it really seemed unlikely that we would actually win. You said it yourself, the game seemed won in the first 5 min (if even 5).Also I don't think desk even watched the replay, he just doesn't like gandalf.
#9Motherfricker  Jul 26 2010, 23:34 PM -
Replays: 45
I liked the start, hated mid game.
I didnt even see non lame tactics like: mirks lego theo rohirrims, House of Healing, Mystic fountains. (Fort Heals are OP)
After i saw none of the above at midgame i stopped watching, was quite disappointed.

And OFC glor coulda done way more damage than arwens, coulda made eagle, mens make ara, etc. <--Pro

Otto shulda made a catapults or two when goblins was on the defensive.
Elf hero>mithlonds with armour.
I also dunno why Otto spams tower guards when there were no riders out.
Dunno why u guys also insisted on lings harrasing whole time, rohirrims woulda taken care of.
All in all i thought was quite sloppy game, sorry guys. I also decided that i dont need to tower much anymore after watching alot replays, i seem to be overestimating a lot of players.
#10Elrol  Jul 26 2010, 23:58 PM -
Replays: 8 Game:
well Motherfricker... We were planing on having a Good Game and not a completely Shit one, which you seem to have expected. Your looking in the wrong place if you want to see Laming and such. You may also be playing with the wrong set of players.
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