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Battle for Middle Earth 2 1.06

Elves vs Dwarfs

#21FreeSouL`  May 17 2010, 23:26 PM -
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i didnt never say that. and about the subject upon, ur one of the best dwarv players on 1.6, and imo if some1 could compeet u on dwarves, mithandrir could be one of them, he's a very good dwarv player.

p.s u didnt say i was mordor:P and iirc dwarves-------------------->mordor hard
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#22SN0WBL4CK  May 21 2010, 12:12 PM -
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yes dwarves own mordor hard but on that map the only winnable mu ofhost as dwarf might be vs gob and even that would be pretty hard. and about mith well what do u mean by competing vs me well playing dwarf mirrors doens decide who is a better dwrf player cuz onhost will win most of the times unless he gets really unlucky or if some1 is clearly better. but it takes not alot of skill to have a good dwarf most players find me good cuz my strats are op and players like BELIVE, i hate loser etc copy some of them tongue.gif
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#23ArCh4Ng3L  May 21 2010, 13:43 PM -

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B3L13V3 and I_Hate_Loser is the same guy
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