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Battle for Middle Earth 2

[ROTW] Epic 2v2 Nathan & Val vs Deli & Randy

#1Val`  Aug 9 2014, 03:24 AM -

It was 3am and I got asked to play, kinda glad I did as it was a real nice show.

#2RanDoM'L0L  Aug 19 2014, 00:35 AM -
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Amazing game. I should have tried to push with the mountain giants on Delis side as it was better secured by him.

Very enjoyable game, awesome action. One of those games you actually remember smile.gif.
#3StrayHeart  Dec 20 2014, 00:25 AM -
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Ye, very good game there's no doubt. Much action, powerpoints and army fights.

I'm not an expert, but I think Delicious should be using 2 rax, so he could rebuild his army faster. Wow, it was the first time I saw a good player used walls. Too bad it was useless cause gobs climb the walls.
I liked Random's gameplay a lot - very pure, fast, good micro and macro skills. But I must say Nathan's macro was the best - in late game units produce almost nonstop.
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