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Mordor vs. Dwarves

By Maru - 18th December 2009 - 16:53 PM

This match up is one of the riskiest that Mordor has. It can either go really well or can turn disastrous within the first few minutes of the game, so you have to get the start just right. There is almost no room for error. Even the smallest mistake can let the guardians get all over you.

Early Game

The early game objective for Mordor is to survive and take as little damage as possible from the harassing units. If you start the game well, middle game will be your chance to win. It is important to note that slaughter houses are just as important as your base, without them, you cannot continuously produce your spam. Guard them well!

Starting Build Orders

Build Order 1: Four Slaughter Houses - Three Orc Pits
This build order gets you a very strong economy, followed by excellent harassment.

Slaughter House - Slaughter House - Slaughter House - Slaughter House - Orc Pit - Orc Pit - Orc Pit

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Standard Strategy:

When the first warriors come out, send them along the sides of the map, hunting for forward mines. When you find a mine, send more orcs to back up the first warrior. Keep looking for mines and scout the entire map. You should also send three orcs to the enemy's base to take out the mine or mines that he has there, as early in the game as possible. Without a mine in his base, he has no way of transporting troops into his forward mines, allowing you build up a nice economy without trouble. You should defend with some of your orcs by blocking the attacking guardians, so they cannot reach your buildings. Always have archers attack Dwarves from behind the shield of orcs. It can help to cast the power point tainted land, for a 50 percent armour boost.


Using the three pit start, you will have a great economy right away. Thanks to three quick orc pits, you will also have more than enough orcs to defend with. You should have some extra warriors to harass forward mines with. If your opponent gets a pike as his first unit, you will have an archer built before he has a chance to attack. If he chooses to wait until his pike is finished creeping so they join the assault, you will have two archers out. This should easily be enough to repel it. If your opponent starts with two mines or a guardian before a pike, you will not want to use this build order. It is too slow to effectively counter such a fast rush.

Build Order 2: Two Slaughter Houses - Two Orc Pits
This is the standard Mordor Build Order that works in every match up.

Slaughter House - Slaughter House - Orc Pit - Orc Pit - Warriors - Warriors - Slaughter House - Warriors - Warriors

IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image

Standard Strategy:
Start by building four orc warriors. You can either choose to send your first warriors along the sides of the map, like you do with the four slaughter house build order, or you can wait for four orc warriors and send all four directly at your opponent's base. You are usually able to attack your opponent's base and destroy the mine in his base right away, with this build order. This does not work with the four slaughter houses build order because it is too slow and your opponent will almost always be able to repel it without you doing any damage. If you succeed with destroying the mine by his Hall of Warriors, you should build a couple orc archers and a few extra slaughter houses, because he will not be able to attack you with as much strength.

This build order is a faster orc spam than the four slaughter houses' start. You will always want to do this against a faster rush. You will have a much slower spam though, with this build order, because it will take you longer to build a third orc pit, if you want one. You do have a better chance of overwhelming your opponent very early though, with this build order. So, you can raid his base and then expand your own base with ease. You will always want to use this build order against a two mines start. Corsair rushing or starting with four slaughter houses are both too weak and slow to counter a guardian rush effectively.

Build Order 3: Corsair Rush
This is a risky build order, but it can be very effective when it works.

Slaughter House - Slaughter House - Tavern - Slaughter House - Slaughter House - Corsairs

IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image

Standard Strategy:
You absolutely have to destroy every forward mine to be successful with this build order, so you should always be using your builders to scout the map for forward mines, when they are not building. This helps you out a lot with finding where your opponent is, so you know where to send your Corsairs. You can also builder scout with an orc spam build order, but it is far more important with a corsair rush. You should typically send your first Corsairs down the sides of the map, like you would with an orc spam. Destroy any mines that you find and keep searching for more with your builders and other Corsairs. After making one or two Corsairs, you will also need an orc pit for defend or another Tavern if your harassment is going very well. It is a big help if you can destroy the opponent's base mine with your second or third corsair battalion.

This particular build order relies heavily on builder hunting and destroying forward mines quickly. If you fail with either of these, it can easily cost you the game. Corsairs build much slower, cost more, and lose in a fight of equal numbers against Guardians. Orcs also defend much better than Corsairs, because they can block with their numbers and survive longer for their cost. The advantage of making Corsairs is that they are faster than builders and can easily run away from Guardians and pike their own fights. They can also throw firebombs against clumped Guardians.

Initial Powerpoint Tainted Land

IPB Image

Tainted Land is a very helpful power in this match up. It helps a lot with destroying the opponent's base mines and production buildings. It is helps you in battles. You can use it on your orcs and your orc meat shield will survive longer, so your archers and heroes can deal more damage to the opponent's units.