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Arwen's Flood - Updated to 1.09

By angelsfan - 22nd February 2010 - 11:02 AM

Arwen is arguably the best cavalry counter available to Elves. She is of vital importance to any Elven player, and her Flood ability will tear apart units and send them flying. This tip of the week is focusing on just that.


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Arwen acquires the Flood ability at level four. Without it, she would be near useless engaging in melee combat, for she is quite weak. However, Flood makes up for her weakness and is great at killing units, especially cavalry. The key concept about Arwen's Flood is that it deals specialist damage (pikeman). This is what makes Arwen so devastating to cavalry.

IPB Image
Arwen using Flood to decimate enemy Wargs

Arwen's Flood always contains three identical horses of water that each deal identical damage. They deal 40 specialist damage to cavalry and 20 specialist damage to everything else (besides structures). They deal only 2 specialist damage to structures. They also knock back all units in their path, including heroes. Also note that each horse deals multiple hits on targets that cannot be knocked back, such as structures, siege units like Ents and the Dwarven Battlewagon.

As you can see, this makes Flood great against cavalry and archers, but it is unimpressive against swordsman and pikeman. Obviously, you want to use Flood on clumped opponents or when Arwen is surrounded to cause maximum damage. It can also be used simply to knock back units, giving you a hole through which to flee.

Flood can also be used to put out fires, but it is definitely not suggested that you use it for this purpose. Builders work just fine.

Much thanks to Rainmaker, for contributing to this tip.


Arwen Flood horses are now having the half of damage than it used to have and the reload time is halved aswell.
But when she reachs to level 10, horses become bigger, get back the old damage and cooldown remains shorty.

So Arwen Flood horses pass from having 40 / 20 specialist damage, to 80 / 40 once arwen gains Level 10.

Also, Arwen Flood (both level 4 and level 10) now have a bonus of 400% against Mordor BlackRiders and Mouth Of Sauron. Which means 160 / 80 damage in level 4 and 320 / 160 in level 10.!

Author: angelsfan

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Angelsfan is the master of all things writing and content at GameReplays.org. He also played a major role in shaping the BFME II portal, and has written extensive guides and tips for the game. If you have any gaming news or topic suggestions for angelsfan, contact him via PM.