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BT2DC Dwarves vs. Goblins Guide

By MasterOfPhate - 17th September 2009 - 21:28 PM

Dwarves have a good edge on Goblins with a great early game, where there is time to do damage. As long as you don't mess up in early game, you are well on your way to winning this match up. Keep their buildings down and you won't have to worry about the spam, so in this match up, it is all about rushing their base.

Early Game

Early game is arguably the most critical time for Dwarves. Goblins really get going once mid game hits and they have many production buildings out and start to unit mix. The best thing to do is to cripple them before they really get going. One Guardian can take out a Cave, two if it is defended. Take advantage of this whenever you get the chance, and kill their production buildings, the earlier the better. Without multiple production buildings ready for mid game, Goblin's will have lost an important edge. Also be careful if you creep, you don't want to get stolen. Just remember the primary goal is to get some troops in their base to take out the buildings (production if you have the chance)

Axe Throwers are an option due to Goblin Warrior's weak armor, but don't get too many, Trolls/Spiders will destroy them easily. If you do get them, make a few then head to Men of Dale.

Note: Goblins may try to scout you with Bats and follow your builders to find the location of your forward Mine or creep Mine. To help yourself, send out both builders, so that it can only watch one of them, and build a Mine with one, either the one they didn't follow or after the Bats have expired.

Starting Build Orders

Phalanx Creeping

Mine + Hall of Warriors -> Phalanx -> Forward/Creeping Mine -> Guardian

IPB Image + IPB Image -> IPB Image -> IPB Image -> IPB Image

This is the standard build order for Dwarves, and is great because the creeping allows for great economy start with a Mine and Hall of Warriors by your Fort. Then send a builder to your creeping Mine location, and recruit a Phalanx. Then build a Mine near the creep on your side of the map, send out the Phalanx, and creep the lair (Note: you will need to use Rallying Call on your Phalanx if you want to creep a Troll). Send the Phalanx to another creep once you are done. Another equally viable option is to head into the Goblin base with the Phalanx and all the Guardians you have made and take everything you can out. This will be the best time of the game to do so, so take advantage of it. The cash from the creep should go into another Guardian, a closer forward Mine if you need it, or a Forge Works to fight off Goblin Warrior Spam.

Guardian Rush

Mine + Mine -> Hall of Warriors -> Two Guardians -> Forward Mine

IPB Image + IPB Image -> IPB Image -> IPB Image -> IPB Image -> IPB Image

The Guardian rush is also a good start, hitting Goblins fast while they don't have much out. Start by making two Mines (can also be done with one mine for a faster rush, but less economy) at your base with good production levels. Next, build a Hall of Warriors and recruit two Guardians, while sending a builder to a forward Mine location. While the Guardians are building, make your forward Mine. Once they are done, send them out to attack the base, using Rallying Call. Try to take out their Caves, it will give you a good edge to win in mid game. Next get a Phalanx to creep, or make another Guardian first if you feel it will do more damage to the Goblin base, and then creep.

Demolisher Rush

Mine + Hall of Warriors -> Phalanx -> Creeping/Forward Mine -> Forward Forge Works + Guardian -> Demolisher

IPB Image + IPB Image -> IPB Image -> IPB Image -> IPB Image + IPB Image -> IPB Image

The Demolisher can be very effective against Goblins. Start with a Mine and Hall of Warriors by your Fort. Then send a builder to your creeping Mine location, and recruit a Phalanx. Then build a Mine near the Warg creep on your side of the map, not the middle. Send out the Phalanx and creep the lair. Next, make a forward Forge Works, hidden as best as possible. With the creep money, make a Guardian and a Demolisher, the Demolisher first. Once the Demolisher is built, the Guardian and Phalanx should go with the Demolisher to protect it and help it reach the Fort, where it should promptly use Deploy to gain more armor, and then destroy the Fort. A Demolisher will easily trample Goblins, just be very careful if they get out Cave Trolls with trees, which will knock it back, Try to fend them off with your troops. Also take out any Spiderling fort expansions before they are built or the Demolisher will probably get stuck on the spiders and die. If this strategy works, you are well on your way to victory, just keep making troops and creep some more as you head into mid game. If not, try to creep some more, or even try with another Demolisher if they don't have Trolls out.

Battlewagon Rush

Mine + Mine -> Forge Works -> Upgrade Forge Works to Level 2 -> Battlewagon

IPB Image + IPB Image -> IPB Image -> IPB Image -> IPB Image

The Battlewagon rush can work, as Goblins may start with a two Cave spam. However, Goblins usually scout with Bats, and if they see a Forge Works they will make Spiderlings which will kill your Battlewagon. It is very important not to lose this first Battlewagon, as it will take some time before you can get out either Phalanxes to creep, or Guardians in preparation for a rush. Start with two Mines near your Fort, then a Forge Works. Upgrade it to level two, then get out your Battlewagon.

Early Game Heroes


IPB Image

Cost: 1100

Gloin is a good unit to have to do more damage to the Goblin base, but he must be with other troops. He is easily overwhelmed by mass Goblin Warriors with Poison or Cave Trolls with Trees. Get him when you have a stable amount of units to go with him.


Level 1: Slam

IPB Image

This probably best used on buildings, Gorkil if he is out, or Goblin Archers. Warriors are so weak it is not always worth it to use unless there is a big clump or your want to save a Mine or a similar situation.

Level 4: Shake Foundations

IPB Image

This deals great damage to buildings, destroying an unupgraded production building (but rubble will remain, that will rebuild if you don't destroy it. It also stops production of units for a short time in a building that it does not destroy, and stops it from shooting arrows for a short time.

Level 10: Shatter Hammer

IPB Image

This is an army devastating power, shaking the ground and dealing damage to all units within its radius. Be careful where you place the radius, for Gloin will need to be at the center before he uses this, it may not be good to run right into the middle of the enemy army and take flanking damage along the way.

Suggested Power: Rallying Call

IPB Image

Early Game Upgrades:


IPB Image

Research Location: None (but you need a Hall of Warriors built)
Research Cost: None
Per Unit Cost: 250

Banners level the equipped unit to level two. They are not too useful, except equipping on Guardians, who gain the Charge ability on level two. You can use this to defend your Mines by trampling clumped units. If you target a hero or a unit past a hero, the Guardian will end up going past the hero and clumping on it, which is a great way to take them down. You can also use the ability for the damage boost to help take out buildings.