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Elves vs. Mordor Master Guide Released!

By KingSpillBlood - 23rd October 2008 - 03:04 AM

Aberrance, our Elves Strategy Moderator, has created a guide for Elves players who find themselves beset by the armies of Mordor. This is complete with unit, building, and powerpoint analysis, build-orders, and priorities and tactics for early, middle, and late game. Enjoy!

Elven Buildings

Elven Fortress

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The Fortress is the most important building for any faction. It allows a player to use power point spells, recruit and revive heroes, purchase Fortress upgrades, defend the buildings around it.

Mallorn Trees

IPB Image

Mallorn Trees are the resource buildings of the Elves. When placed at an optimum efficiency (97% or up), it grants 24 or 25 resources depending on the layout of the terrain. Only 4 or 5 Mallorn Trees will suffice to provide a stable economy, but don't hesitate to build more for additional Command Points. Each Mallorn Tree adds 50 Command Points to your Command Point Limit. As the level of a Mallorn Tree increases, the amount of Command Points you gain increases as well. At level 2, Mallorn Trees provide 100 Command Points (or 50 more than at level 1), and at level 3 they give 175 Command Points (or 125 more than at level 1).

Elven Barracks

Cost: 400

IPB Image

Barracks are the main source for units for an Elf player. It allows the purchasing of Lorien Warriors, Lorien Archers, Mithlond Sentries, and Mirkwood Archers (Level 2). The Elven Barracks is definitely among the top unit production buildings, for it lets you buy 4 different units from one building, which is rivaled only by Isengard's Uruk Pit. The Barracks can be upgraded to level 2 for 1000 resources, which decreases unit buildtimes by 10% and also allows the training of Mirkwood Archers. To upgrade it to level 3 only costs a 350 resources, which is a worthwhile investment that grants a 25% buildtime decrease, additional health, and a defensive Arrow Tower.

Green Pasture

Cost: 600

IPB Image

The Green Pasture is the source for cavalry for the Elves, allowing the training of Rivendell Lancers. The Pasture itself costs 600 resources, but it only costs 150 resources to upgrade it to level 2, which provides a 10% build time decrease. To upgrade it to rank 3 only costs 250 resources, but it does wonders with its 25% buildtime decreases.

Eregion Forge

Cost: 1000

IPB Image

The Eregion Forge is where an Elven player can research various upgrades to equip to their units. The first and most useful upgrade is Elven Armour, which costs 1000 resources to research and then 400 resources per unit to equip. Also available at Rank 1 is the Banner upgrade, which costs 750 resources. It is somewhat useful, but is not worth buying early in the game. For 500 resources the Forge can be upgraded to level 2, allowing the research of Forged Blades for 1000 resources. Upon upgrading to level 3 for 1000 resources, the coveted Silverthorn Arrows upgrade can be purchased.

Ent Moot

IPB Image

Ent Moots are an Elf player's main source of siege units. You can purchase Ents and Treebeard here.

Heroic Statue

IPB Image

Heroic Statues grant surrounding troops high level leadership, giving a boost of 25% damage and 25% experience.

Mirror of Galadriel

IPB Image

The Mirror of Galadriel allows an Elf player to heal surrounding units and restore dead units in a battalion, a task that is better accomplished by the Fort upgrade Mystic Fountains. Unless you are low on resources, purchase Mystic Fountains from the fort instead of constructing this building. The Mirror of Galadriel does have a 450 stealth detection range, which will reveal any stealthed units within that distance of the mirror.

Sentry Tower

IPB Image

Sentry Towers are defensive fortifications that will fire at nearby enemies. They are most effective when garrisoned with archers. They are also very effective against non-upgraded cavalry.

Wall Hub

IPB Image

Wall Hubs allow the construction of walls on the map. Although they are not very cost effective, or effective at all for that matter, the wall hub itself can be a lifesaver: making these cheap structures on your fort prevents your enemy from getting an easy clump on it. A builder can also make a wall hub to prevent being killed by opposing units. During late-game, walling off garrisoned Towers and vital buildings can prove useful.