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Elves 1.06 to BT2:DC Transition Guide

By Xenith - 27th December 2010 - 21:37 PM

The Elves of BT2:DC have been tailored around the idea that they are elite in every way. Their units deal devastatingly high damage and their heroes are fast and powerful, but they are also quite expensive. With the Eagle, Glorfindel, and the 15 power point powers balanced so that they are no longer overpowered, Elves have become a very micro-oriented faction. Fighting each battle with extreme tactical precision, preserving your units, and making good use of stealth will make the Elven army the deadliest in the game. However, the skill required to play this faction well on BT2:DC is immense, for even the slightest mistake can cost you heavily.

Unit Changes

Mithlond Sentries

IPB Image

Basics: Buildtime slightly reduced, Sentries in Porcupine Formation now deal much more damage to cavalry in a wider radius

Tactics: The universal fix of Porcupine Formation on BT2:DC allows your Sentries to protect your archers more effectively. Though still the weakest pikes in the game defensively, they are now a much more formidable deterrent to cavalry when positioned and microed correctly. The small reduction in buildtime allows you to get a Sentry out earlier to counter cavalry rushes.

Mirkwood Archers

IPB Image

Basics: Silverthorn Arrows bug fixed, Mirkwoods no longer fire twice as slowly when upgraded. Silverthorn Arrows upgrade cost increased, Silverthorn Arrow Mirkwood base damage reduced, further reduced against cavalry and Fortresses

Tactics: With the Silverthorn Arrows bug removed, upgraded Mirkwoods are now the ultimate infantry killer, as originally intended. To prevent them from being overpowered, however, the cost of Silverthorn Arrows has been increased, and damage reductions prevent a few battalions of Mirkwoods from destroying Fortresses or cavalry with ease.

Rivendell Lancers

IPB Image

Basics: Defense increased, armor bonus when equipped with Heavy Armor decreased

Tactics: On BT2:DC, instead of being just a weaker version of Gondor Knights, Lancers have their own unique role. The nerf to their Heavy Armor armor means they will be largely ineffective charging head on, but their increased unupgraded armor means you can use their lightning speed to harass without worrying about being cut down by a couple soldier units.


IPB Image

Basics: Cost reduced to 800, command point requirement reduced, rock throw range increased, damage against Fortresses reduced

Tactics: The Ent now ties up fewer resources and command points, giving Elves a viable siege option that is not tied to power points. While less powerful against Fortresses, the BT2:DC Ent is far more useful when used strategically, as its increased range allows a supporting army more room to maneuver outside of Fort fire range.

Giant Eagle

IPB Image

Basics: Health lowered, armor against ranged damage lowered, build time increased

Tactics: The Eagle of BT2:DC is not the unstoppable tank of 1.06, instead requiring finesse and planning to use effectively. Though its health and armor have been reduced, it is still well worth its cost and buildtime once it hits the field, performing excellently when harassing outlying resource buildings, disrupting enemy lines during a battle, or countering enemy cavalry.