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Goblins vs. Dwarves Build Order Guide

By KingSpillBlood - 25th October 2008 - 14:27 PM

Nuclear Crispy has made a very promising build order guide for Goblins vs. Dwarves. Use his strategy, and adapt to the game by using his situational analysis provided below.

The Build Order

Tunnel -> Cave -> Cave -> Tunnel

IPB Image -> IPB Image -> IPB Image -> IPB Image

This is a build order not typically used anymore. However, I find this to be very effective vs Dwarves. This is a very aggressive build order and must be executed the right way.

The objective of this strategy is to shut down all the Dwarves' Mines. If the Dwarf player has no Mines, he loses, no matter how much money he has. So by the time he gets his first Guardian out (if he went pike -> Guardian), you will already have three Goblin Warriors running around the map. The best thing to do is to overwhelm your opponent, so never stop building cheap troops, even if it interferes with your expansion.

  • Spam
This is truly the greatest thing about this build order. From my experiences from this match up, whoever spams the most wins. Overwhelming the opponent and map control secures your victory.

  • Bad Economy
This leaves you with a very weak economy. With extra money, you can really only by more Tunnels and archers with this strategy, and when you aren't doing that, it's just throwing up another Cave.
  • Unit Mixing
This strategy pushes for a pure Goblin spam. No mix necessary. Spiderlings are amazing in this match up, but there is no need to unit mix, and Spiderlings will only hurt you weak economy.

Early Game:

Don't defend by any cost, unless they are a threat to your base. Since you have a bad economy, you really shouldn't have big expansion. Early game is all or nothing here, so conserve as many Goblins as you can, as to overwhelm your opponent. A cool thing about this build order is that you should always have a chance to take down his Hall of Warrior's Mine early game (see replays at the end of the guide). Remember, this strategy screws your economy, so don't stop spamming cheap Goblin Warriors unless he is repelling your spam. If you think he will soon be a threat to your base at any time, queue up an archer, but don't the spam by any means. Archers are usually not needed until midgame.

Situation One: Dwarf Creeps Troll Lair

Lots of Dwarven players like to creep Troll lairs and go for a fast Hobbit spam. Hopefully, he will do this, so you can easily find his Mine. Check all creeps, no matter what. Remember, by the time you have 3 Goblin Warriors, he will have a pike and a Guardian. If you find a Mine, the Dwarven player will have little cash, so if you take it down, he will only have about two Mines on the field. If you can creep steal, great. If you can't, don't even try, and just take his Mine down. It's better to scare his builder into the Mine and kill it than letting it just sit there and have them get the creep anyway. Now that he doesn't have many Mines, send two Goblin Warriors to his base and take out his Mine by the Fort. It is very possible to do this, and this build order does that nicely.

Now you should be expanding Tunnels onto the opposite side of where you found his creep Mine, preferably in sight of the Troll/Warg creeps.

If your strategy worked, throw up a third Cave and buy Fort Bats. Keep the spam coming and eventually you should overwhelm him, if you did it right. Use Trolls to finish him off.

If you screwed it up, get a Spider Pit after your 3rd or 4th Tunnel and play a little defensively, but don't camp. Taking out his Mines may mean sacrificing your base, which is fine in some cases. Don't be afraid to do that.

Since he crept the Troll lair, take the inn and spam Wildmen of Dunland. Put a Tunnel by the Inn so you can put them in the Tunnel and protect the Inn as well.

Situation Two: Dwarf Creeps Warg Lair

Basically the same as the first situation, except the Dwarf may rush your base immediately, which can be a problem. But using your pro Goblin skills, finding his Mines shouldn't be a problem.

Once you took out his Mine, send all your forces to come and defend if he seems to be a big threat. If you think you can handle him, taking out his Mine nearest the the Hall of Warriors may be a better choice. Since you took down his forward Mine and his base Mine, he will be hurt economically. It shouldn't be harder than situation one.

Situation Three: Dwarf Guardian Rushes

Oh no, the feared Guardian rush! Your main issue with this build order is that your economy stinks. No problem, send your first 2-3 Goblin Warriors running around the map to his base and take out all the Mines there and you should win. It is that simple. Even if you lose a Cave or even both, the Dwarven player will be in the pits.

Mid Game:

If you pulled it off right, go triple Caves and take both Inns if you can. Goblins and Wildmen own even Goblins and Trolls. You should be going for these units instead of Spiderlings if you did the strategy right, and it worked.

If it didn't work, get Spiderlings and try and save yourself before he takes advantage of your weak economy.

Priorities of the Build-Order:
  • Shut down all Mines
  • Only buy Goblin Warriors if you have to
  • Spam Tunnels all over the map
  • Taking out Mines comes before defending
  • Wildmen of Dunland are great

Try out this build order if you know he's Dwarves. It is a very fun way to play, but only if you know how to play your Goblins right. Some players don't realize that losing battles may actually win you the game. If you are confident defending from Guardians and Phalanxes with only Goblin Warriors, you will dominate with this strategy.

The guide can be discussed here: Goblins vs. Dwarves Build Order Guide Discussion Topic
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Thanks for reading! Next week we will be issuing another build order guide for Goblins.