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Isengard vs MotW BT2DC 2.1 Guide

By ^Smokey^ - 30th November 2007 - 06:00 AM

This versatile guide supports both playing styles of Isengard players: passive and aggressive. With this guide you will hopefully be able to deal with Men of the West with ease.

Isengard Overview

Uruk Warriors

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Uruks are fast and strong. They are very important in this match up for several reasons. They're your main harassing units and can defeat Soldiers of Gondor with ease if you use Shield Wall formation.

Uruk Crossbows

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Despite what some people might say, Crossbows can be quite useful in this match up for killing soldiers and supporting your infantry.

Uruk Pikemen

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Uruk Pikemen are very useful in this match up, and are your basic counter for cavalry. They can creep any of the lairs and destroy early game Knights and mounted heroes. Pikemen are much stronger than Uruks against production buildings.

Warg Riders

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The wolves of Isengard are Isengard's sole cavalry unit. They can dominate the opposing team's Farms, archers, and production buildings with ease, but they are killed of very easily if they fight Tower Guards or Rohirrim.


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Berserkers are very important in this match up. They are the single thing that Men have a hard time countering, for they have great speed, health, damage, and can deal splash damage. Another good quality is that 3 of them can take out an undefended Fort.


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Ballistas are Isengard's ranged siege unit, and should not be used unless your opponent is camping or tower spamming.

Battering Ram

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Battering rams can decimate a fort within 3 to 4 hits if you manage to sneak them into his base. They are rarely built.


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Lurtz is a very a important hero in this match up. He only costs 1100$, he provides leadership to your troops, and deals splash damage if he uses Carnage. He is also a great hero killer with his Cripple ability, which stops enemy heroes in their tracks, leaving them prone to Carnage.


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Saruman is another important hero in this match up, simply because of his awesome powers. His Wizard Blast and Fireball ability can dominate clumped units. However you must be aware, for as good as he is, Saruman has little health, so its always good to back him up with a couple units.


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Sharku is another good hero who can deal splash damage, which can be very useful in this match up against Men's cavalry and can trample pikes unlike other mounted heroes. Sharku also has the power to give nearby wargs leadership, making them stronger.


IPB Image

Wormtongue is a must have in this match up. He levels up faster than most heroes, which is very useful, for if u can get him to level 10 he can take control of enemy heroes. His powers have been given a buff that makes him very helpful in this match up. His Venomous Words power is amazing, for it debuffs the enemy (-50% speed and attack speed). The enemy also loses any armor damage buffs.