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Isengard 1.06 to BT2:DC Transition Guide

By Crabby Lobster - 3rd February 2011 - 02:58 AM

Fast, elite, and aggressive, Isengard is one of the most intimidating factions in the game. Buffs to Uruks, Crossbows, and Berserkers make Isengard's ground forces some of the most dominant offensive in the game, and numerous buffs to Sharku and Wormtoungue have added new heroes to its arsenal. This, combined with nerfs to Saruman and many Isengard Powerpoints, means Isengard must be played very aggressively to unlock its full, powerful potential.

Unit Changes

Uruk Warrior

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Basics: Warriors now cost only 60 command points, instead of seventy-five. This means that you can build more of them during early game and it isn't as damaging if you happen to lose a Furnace or two, during early game. They also now survive longer against pikemen and will not die against an Easterling battalion anymore.

Tactics: There has been no change whatsoever in the role of this infantry unit, they still serve as a great harassing unit at the start of the game, but now, they are able to fulfil their role better. Combine them with the speed and vision boost of the level 5 Palantir power and watch them destroy many enemy farms.

Uruk Crossbowmen

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Basics: Crossbowmen have gone from being almost useless to becoming a potent defending force. They now have an increase in attack speed and a damage increase against Fellbeasts and the Eagle. The glitch where they would miss moving targets has been fixed and so has the delay bug that stopped them from firing.

Tactics: You can now use Crossbows much more effectively when defending. Use them much the same as you would any archer unit.

Warg Riders

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Basics: Warg riders have been given a boost in armor against pierce damage (archers) and they now have improved trample damage. Their trample damage is now the same across all levels. Now, howl deals more damage, can't be canceled by debuffs, and it doesn't cancel damage leadership, but it also comes with a decrease in armor.

Tactics: With a large buff, Warg riders can now be used to correctly trample enemy soldiers right off at level one. This makes them much more useful for defense. In fact, they are typically your main defensive unit during early game.


IPB Image

Basics: Berserkers have undergone some major changes. They now have an increase in their damage radius and health, but their build time and command point limit have also been increased. They now also take more damage from crush and specialist (pikes) attacks. The bug that killed your own units has now been fixed and units can now dodge the Berserkers' damage by running away. They also now deal less damage against Guardians, so that they cannot one-hit Guardians in defensive stance.

Tactics: Beserkers are a much more powerful force than they were in 1.06. They can now defend effectively, by attacking units after they are clumped. They can also hit-and-run enemy units and buildings. You can use just a few Berserkers to harass, defend, and kill retreating units or you can spam many Berserkers and run them around destroying anything and everything.

Berserker Guide

Other Units

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For the most part, Isengard's siege is still the same. Battering Rams do their job of taking down enemy structures just like in 1.06, along with Explosive Mines. However, the Ballista (along with all other ranged siege) has a much longer Bombard range. Now, your ballistae will not be outranged by fire arrowed archers in towers. The major difference in Isengard's siege comes from something that most players have never even tried: the Warg Sentry. The Warg Sentry is not only stronger than in 1.06, but it's a great defensive weapon to take care of enemy units that try to harass your base. It only defends in a radius now though, like a tower does.