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Wight Tip of the Week

By angelsfan - 6th January 2010 - 05:32 AM

Tolkien Lore

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Depiction by John Howe

Barrow-wights haunt the Barrow-downs in Eriador. Once the burial grounds of the Dúnedain, they are now the home of evil spirits sent by the Witch-king of Angmar. Even the peaceful Hobbits heard tales of the dreadful creatures. On their journey, Frodo Baggins and his fellow Hobbits entered the Barrow-downs in an attempted shortcut after leaving the house of Tom Bombadil, against his wise council to venture around. The Hobbits fell asleep on top of a hill, and upon waking realized that they were inside the barrow of a Wight! The Barrow-wight could be heard chanting:

"Cold be hand and heart and bone,
and cold be sleep under stone:
never more to wake on stony bed,
never, till the Sun fails and the Moon is dead.
In the black wind the stars shall die,
and still on gold here let them lie,
till the dark lord lifts his hand
over dead sea and withered land."

An eerie arm appeared that crawled towards a sword, which Frodo skewered with his sword. He then called for Tom Bombadil:

"Ho! Tom Bombadil! Tom Bombadillo!
By water, wood, and hill, by the reed and willow,
By fire, sun, and moon, harken now and hear us!
Come Tom Bombadil, for our need is near us!"

This causes Tom Bombadil to appear, who banishes the Barrow-wight with a song"

"Get out you old Wight! Vanish in the sunlight!
Shrivel like the cold mist, like the winds go wailing,
Out into the barren lands far beyond the mountains!
Come never here again! Leave your barrow empty!
Lost and forgotten be, darker than the darkness,
Where gates stand for ever shut, till the world is mended."

Tom Bombadil then awakens the other Hobbits:

"Wake now my merry lads! Wake and hear me calling!
Warm now be heart and limb! The cold stone is fallen;
Dark door is standing wide; dead hand is broken.
Night under Night is flown, and the Gate is open."

Tom Bombadil then breaks the curse that was placed upon the barrow. The Hobbits each acquire a dagger from the riches inside the barrow that were once made by the men of Westernesse.


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Wights (the in-game name for Barrow-wights) are usually seen at Wight Lairs, which are a rather unusual creep because, unlike most creeps, they can be easily crept with archers, and pikes will be slaughtered rather quickly. However, most players choose to creep them with heroes due to the fact that the hero can usually get to level four or five in doing so, for the lair contains not only money as a reward, but also a level up.

These lairs can be controlled with the Tamed Allegiance power, but more on that will follow.

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Wights can also be acquired by the use of a Nazgul's level six ability, Morgul Blade. If the unit dies from this ability it turns into a Wight.


Note: All types of Wights have the same statistics, unless specifically mentioned


Damage = 200
Damage Type = Magic
Time Between Attacks = 1.4 seconds
Drain Life Multiplier = .35

The normal Wight attack deals 200 magic damage, equivalent to the health of a Soldier of Gondor or half the health of a Guardian (without taking armor into account). They have a high attack speed as well. The unique ability of the Wight is their ability to leech health from any units or buildings it attacks, equal to 35% of the damage dealt. This makes them difficult to kill for they will continuously regenerate their health. Wights normally have low speed. However, they do have a built-in charge ability that increases their speed by 400%, making them one of the fastest units in the game. This ability activates when units are nearby or whenever you tell your Wight to attack a unit. Using this knowledge you can micro your Wight more effectively.

Wight Micro
Only use attack move with your Wight when opposing units are in the immediate vicinity. However, if you have long distances to travel it will move very slowly. Instead, take advantage of the charge ability and tell the Wight to attack a unit that is near the location you want to go, making it move much faster (activating its charge). When you get near your location or find units along the way, you can then adjust accordingly.

Wight Touch Debuff

Now we move on to the least known fact about Wights - their normal attack contains a debuff (called BarrowWightTouchDebuff in the ini files). This occurs whenever it attacks a unit. The debuff has an additive armor modifier of -25% and a multiplicative damage modifier of 75% (equivalent to -25% damage). Therefore, you should have your Wight attack the opponent's strongest units in order to use this debuff effectively.


Default Armor = 10% (if damage type is something other than what is listed below)
Hero Armor = 50%
Magic = 150%
Structural = 50%

As you can see, Wights take little damage from anything besides magic, structural, and heroes. However, due to the rarity of using either magic or structural damage to creep, heroes are the only viable option. Archers are only effective because they are able to kill the Wight from afar, preventing it from attacking and leeching health (if it did the Wight would win).

Untamed Allegiance

IPB Image

Build Cost = 300
Build Time = 90 seconds
Command Points = 10

Wights can be built if you use Tamed Allegiance on the Wight Lair. This gives you control of the Wight at the lair and also allows you to build additional Wights. Even though they take ridiculously long to build, they are fairly cheap and take little command points.


Hopefully you now know a little bit more about the Wight unit and will be able to use it more effectively in game. Remember, never use attack move over long distances and make good use of the Wight's touch debuff.

Author: angelsfan

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Angelsfan is the master of all things writing and content at GameReplays.org. He also played a major role in shaping the BFME II portal, and has written extensive guides and tips for the game. If you have any gaming news or topic suggestions for angelsfan, contact him via PM.