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C&C Generals World Series 2009 Announced!

By -HaTeR- - 29th October 2009 - 13:22 PM

Welcome back to the World Series 2009, Generals! It's been a good years since the last World Series have been announced and initiated. Also this year shall be blessed with this tournament!
I'm very proud to be allowed to announce you the official start of the qualifications on November 1 2009!

What are the World Series?

This is a huge tournament with several rounds held over one month - in this case: December.

What type of tournament are the WS?

It's a 1v1 single elimination tournament by Best Of each rounds. It's starting off by sixteenth-finals. Sixteenth-finals, eighth-finals and quarter-finals will be played Best Of 3. While the semi-finals will be held Best Of 5 and the Finals Best Of 7.
The map pool contains all 1v1 official maps. They are not set so far, but will be published sometime in November.

Up to which date do those rounds need to be played?

Sixteenth-finals - Friday the 4th of December.
Eighth-finals - Tuesday the 8th of December.
Quarter-finals - Friday the 11th of December.
Semi-finals - Tuesday the 15th of December.
Finals - Sunday the 20th of December.

All dates need to be understood as deadline for the specific rounds. So, you basically have got about 4 days to play your opponent!

Where are they gonna be held?

Free choice of lobby.

What are the prizes?

Rewarded places: 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
There are going to be great prizes, but it's not sure which ones, yet. This will be updated as soon as possible!

Am I forced to play with "Random Army"?

No, you are not, but you are allowed to.

How do I register for the WS?

Join the CCG Clanwars League and play for the first 32 ranks in November. Further, a membership of GameReplays.org is required.
Create your account now!

How will these 32 ranks be seeded?

It will go like this:
Rank 1 vs rank 32, rank 2 vs rank 31, rank 3 vs rank 30, etc.

Moreover, this will be seeded one more time over 4 pools.
To clarify see the image below.

Can I have a funname to play with during the WS?

No, to avoid any confusion you need to play with your GR name.

Do I have to use ACETON during the WS? (What is ACETON?)

Yes, you have and there will be no exception tolerated. Post your problem with this program as soon as possible in the Tech Forums or get help on the ACETON-site http://www.aceton-project.de/contact/!

What will happen if the game ends in a disconnect, crash or mismatch?

Get back into the lobby as quickly as possible and arrange that one of the organizers gets the replay the quickest way. It will be then decided, if the game got won or if it needs to be played again.

What do I need to do if the game lags annoying hard?

We appeal here on common sense of any competitor. Don't make it more complicated as it already is: leave the game and try it again.

Do I need to save any replays?

Yes, we really please you to save your played games and to post them in the Replay System. Replay-titles will be renamed, probably.

If I'm not taking part in the WS, how can I track the course?

Therefore, a specific topic will be portalized. So, all replays will be available to download. Moreover, an image of the current standings will be available to be retrieved.

Who are my contact persons in case of any organization problems/questions?

You can either contact -SkaTeR- or Trixx.

Good luck, Generals!