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GLA Mirror Guide

By Supertroy - 25th June 2007 - 22:34 PM

This a guide to help new players and even older experienced players with GLA mirrors.
Written by Apollo-

IPB Image Vs. IPB Image

Knowing GLA basics and their abilitys

GLA doesnt need to make a brute army force in this matchup and needs to concentrate more on quick, sneak pop attacks across the map and harassing the other GLA. Spamming units mindlessly like scropions or technicals is not the way to win these kind of matchups as there is a lot more invovled in this mirror than people actually think.
You need to concentrate on keeping a steady economy and working hard on your micro skills with technicals and other units to minimize your loses and to stop the other GLA scrapping up units!!
Speed is also very important in this matchup because speed counters a lot of strats and difficulties your oppenent could put you under, speed is vital to get your supplys up fast and to be able to keep up with speeding technicals across the map and stopping them before they hurt your economy. Another thing which is extreamly important in this matchup is to be able to control the map for the extra map sight and to create a economy advantage over your oppenent, and the more of the map under your control, the more of the map you can see so you can see and stop incoming units easier.

Early game Build Orders

There are many different build orders for GLA which i personally use in these matchups early game which have different stratergies and different placing of buildings and tunnels. Each build order gives you advantages but each in its different ways.

My Most used GLA mirror build order

This is a really safe build order to use because if your un-sure of how your oppenet plays like not knowing if he will techterror spam or he will spam early units this is a all-rounder build order and will counter most strats he will throw at you in a equal balance at the start of games!
  • With your first inital worker you build a forward rax to compete for the terror cars in the middle as these help to clear flanks from enemy workers or tunnels so you run the worker over!! Then you move into his base and destroy his supply workers giving you a early advantage!
  • The first worker built from the command center you build a supply on the main supply in your base.
  • The 2nd worker you get from your command center send to the 2ndary supply/un-safe supply to build the next supply!
  • The 3rd worker from your command center you send him to make a tunnel inbetween both supplys are you are guarding both silghty.
  • The 4th last worker you build send him to your nearest oil to get a tunnel up !
  • On your barracks build 3 terrorists, 2x for the cars and the 1x to send to your enemys oil incase he builds a tunnel there! And then build 2x rebels and get the capture upgrade so you can get the oils
  • Build your armsdealer away from your supply because if i techterror comes and both buildings are together it could own both buildings!
  • Spread the RPG out from your base tunnel to make a larger sight range and to make it easyer to hit incoming targets.
This is a demo showing the build order playing by myself!

Replay 1

This is a practical demo of my build order a game vs eficko

Replay 2

Armsdealer at 2nd supply
  • Inital worker you build a forward rax and get the terrorist cars and build a forward tunnel
  • First worker from the command center you go build a supply on your main base supply
  • Send the next three workers to your 2nd supply! 1x worker builds the supply, 1x builds a tunnel infront of it, 1x worker builds the armsdealer boxing your workers in
  • Your last 5th worker you send to your oil to get a tunnel and secure that for later capturing use
  • Once your main supply worker has finsihed building it, make him build a tunnel guarding that supply!
  • Spread RPG out again, making yourself a larger sight range again.
This is a demo showing the build order playing by myself!

Replay 3

This is a practical demo of my build order a game vs cypher

Replay 4

Oil grab dual supp
  • Inital worker builds the forward rax and you get 2x terrorists for the cars and 2x rebels for each oil and the capture upgrade
  • First worker out the command center send it to their oil
  • Second worker send it to your oil
  • Third worker bring back for your supply
  • Fourth worker send to your 2nd supply and build a supply there
  • The cars will fight off enemy workers tunnels and cars on the oils and then use them to harrass his workers or blow up his rax
  • Your armsdealer will be 10seconds late after your supply is done, but as soon as you get oils get techs and more tunnels around!!
This is a demo of using the build order by myself!!

Replay 5

This is a game showing the BO vs dalzk

Replay 6

Early game units for harrasment to get a good start


A tech terror is a defistating unit for harrasment in early games!!! Some players who think they can play gla mirrors purely spam these games to take out every one of your buildings for a cheap sometimes easy win! A tech terror consists of a Tech and terrorists^^. Personnly i dont really use tt's vs other gla because i think it ruins games for cheap ownage games sometimes, and when i love stopping someone elses tt as they normally get frustated, also tox tractors are extremaly handy in stopping tech terros aswell so dont dodge this unit, they may save your structures!! Another useful tip is to evacuate a terrorist from a tech when several techs are following it as then it will blow the others up!! Another annoying trick which people use is driving a techterror into your enemys army and it will blow it all up. I think there is more skill in stopping a techterror than creating one!

Here is a classic replay of stopping a tech terror spam

Replay 7

IPB Image

If i was tempted to use a techterror i would normally tt their armsdealer and then run over their workers as that killing two birds with one stone^^ Its not like you can tt a supply and then run over the armsdealer!

List of terrorist details for different gla buildings!
  • 2 Terrorists = Barracks, Blackmarket
  • 3 Terrorists = GLA supplys, tunnels
  • 4 Terrorists = Stinger site and oils
  • 5 Terrorirsts = GLA armsdealer
  • 7 Terrorists = Palace
  • 12 Terrorists = ScudStorm
  • 14 Terrorists = Command Center
Also what a lot of players tend to do when they are under pressure and have not many units left to defend your base or oppenent simply has to many units is to techterror their units!! Sneaking a tech with a terrorist behind a army of buggies or scrops is brutal as its possible to lose your entire army againsst terrorists if your not looking or concentrating ph34r.gif So if you see a tech coming at your army randomly back up and expect a terrorist drop on your army.


A techrpg attack can be really hurtful early game in gla mirrors! If you have a tech with some rpg in it and you are being chased by another tech or scrops just evacuate your rpg and they will own the coming units and then once the rpg have done their job you can collect the scrap from the other units and pick up a UBER tech. A strat which i used to use a lot, was techterror a their main supply and then techrpg their 2nd supply as rpg do quite a lot of damage to supply depots. Tech-rpg can also be used well in quick sneak attacks across the map, bunkering the rpg in middle collecting them up again and running off. Really annoys your oppenent.
IPB Image

Early game units attacking forces

Techs techs techs, the first unit you should get in a gla mirror has to be a tech!! This enables all your above harrassment and you can stop workers on flanks and run over rpg and if you get more than 2 techs you can stop enemy techterror spam aswell as you can chase down their techs!! Techs are extreamly important and are key to winning in early mental and physical battle early game.

Now there has been a lot of discussion recently where ive been argueing with players online that i can and did get quad rpg to work! Most players still use scropions with rockets. Quad are more effective against buildings and tunnels and rpg and techs!! And with your tunnels you generate rpg so rpg can own his scorps and quads do the other damage! I think this combo will enough experience will beat scropions, ive starting using quads and i havent had that much difficultie against scorps as long as i had rpg in play!!

Multi attacking is so good in gla mirrors, you can attack with only a couple of units on one side and distract your oppenent while attacking with your entire force on another side!! If you can master attacking on differnet sides and the same time, microing both groups of units you have a higher chance of winning because your oppenent may not be as skilled as you and so he cannot defend on both sides aswell! Great early game moves.

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

Middle game units attacking forces

Middle game is when youve survived the early game techterror and harrasment from techs for agressive tunneling. This is the stage of the game where players need to take mapcontrol to keep the pressure on the oppenent! Taking more of the supplys on the map and making a dominate force for taking or secureing the map. 1 Thing you must keep in the middle stages of the game is the middle, in late game imo the middle determins almost who will win and who will not, i dont think ive seen a replay where some1 has had the middle and lost!! The middle holds another 2supplys and more of the map creating pressure and almost a wall for the other gla player to attack from.

Supply placements in the middle should be either two ways, 1 way is secure but has a longer supply collecting time, and the other is not so secure but has a shorter collecting time!

Secure supply placement

IPB Image

Not so secure supply placement

IPB Image

I believe the "Not so secure supply placement" is not so secure because 1 tox tractor and few enemy rpg come along and bunker youve lost the supply because the depot is soo weak! The rpg will rape it quite easily. So i normally use the secure placement as its a little more resistant to toxtractors and rpg

Tunnel Placements

These are sooo important in gla mirrors, people dont use these that well. Placements can win games for you!! You need to have two tunnels on each flank in the middle game because if one is under attack and you cant support it. A lot of people complain to me online that iam tunnel spamming but obviously they dont have a brain because 1tunnel is just stupid and complety idiot and giving them mapcontorl before they even attack. Demo traps are so important to have infront of the tunnels aswell to support your mapcontorl because no glaplyer will take a radar with them while they attack and wont dodge unless they hack or are like some players i know.

IPB Image

IPB Image

Late game units and gameplay

Late game for me is all about buggies and blackmarkets and a few scuds. Building all of these will create a good strong late game play, from having a good start from the above posts^ You should be able to continue with the following things if you have not already won the game biggrin.gif


Buggies are the best unit in mass proportion in gla mirrors because they will and can own anything another gla player throws at you since they out range scrops and quads. There good for pop attacks aswell across the map!! Good buggy micro will win most games in the later stages.

IPB Image

IPB Image


These are easily counted when you know there coming or if they are singley by themselves! What i do sometimes in gla mirrors is build three rax's, 1x each flank 1x middle, and i spam these mobs down the sides. So thats three groups of mobs and i also micro buggies around aswell. Mobs will rape building sooo easy if they get close enough they are also good to have infront of your buggies as they provide protection to your forces.

IPB Image


These are the GLA superweapon and are extreamly useful to create pressure on your oppenent and if you have cash floating always a good thing to buy!! They cause awesome damage and them makes the oppenet come to you to attack as they have to destroy the scud which is fun^^

IPB Image

All GLA units picture
( Posted by Carp ! )

This shows every GLA unit the game has to offer, all lined up which is a rareity you will ever see this. Thanks for carp providing me with this.
IPB Image

General Points

General points can decide losers from winners in tense games, it is a crime if you dont make sure of the genpoints in gla mirrors depending on your strat you can use them differently to different extensions in the game.

Level 1 Gen Points
  • Techs - From AD : Since techs are soo important in early games its extreamly important to have a upgraded tech. Most gla players in gla mirrors will get this upgrade so if you dont get it you will down giving him the advantage. Techs survive longer and increased protection and attack
  • Scud Lanchers - From AD - Need Palace : Are not that important early game to get as your first upgrade but can be used later on in the game when you have more points as these units can cause large amounts of damage!!
  • Maradur tank - From AD : Is a nono for gla mirrors, no point even getting this, because rpg and scrop rockets rape these early games and then buggies own them later on!
Level 2 Gen Points
  • Hijacker - From barracks : Not that important for gla mirrors, as hijackers are slow and visable when moving. The gla mirror game is about speed so this knocks the hijacker out fo the game.
  • Rebel Ambush - From the CC : This depends on your strat, some people get these upgrades to own mass buggies or to put them into a gla boxed supply forcing them to lose their workers and sell a building to get them out. Good for capturing buildings later on and generally harassing workers or units which dont counter infantry.
  • Cash Bounty - Dont need CC : This is my prefered level 2 upgrade as everytime you kill a enemy unit you get a cash bounty and this comes in really handy in late games because you get cash when you attack!! And cash is always a problem in late games if your always under pressure and cant get many blackmarkets up
Level 3 Gen Point
  • Anthrax Bomb - From CC : This is the best of the best gen points for GLA. This creates a large area of toxin around the desinated area, and will own ALL infranty and will cause on-going damage onto tanks and other units untill they die. This toxin last for quite a while and its very good in a stratergic way! This is a must get!!
Replay Packs From me, these are all gla types of gaming vs all factions

Replay 8

Replay 9

Written by Apollo
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