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By Leikeze - 1st March 2021 - 12:14 PM

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Welcome Back Generals!

Yes! You read it right! After years of inactivity we have decided it is time to revive our beloved game C&C Generals. You as a player are part of this possible success! These previous weeks we have prepared a entirely 'new' concept to make this game a success again!

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ClanWars and Tournament Format:

The format of ClanWar Months and Tournaments will be the following:
  • Every month starts with a regular Clanwars Month with prize money involved.
  • At the end of every Clanwars month the top 4 warriors of the ranking will play out a mini-tournament to declare the winner of 'month X'.
  • The tournament will exist out of two semi-finals BO7. The winner of both semi-finals will play a final BO9. There will be no 'little' final.
  • Prizes will be dealt through Whatsapp or PayPal.
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Prize Pool:

The Prize Pool for the Month of March will be collectively 70 EUR. The Prize Pool will be divided as the following:
  • Rank 1 Warrior: 40 EUR
  • Rank 2 Warrior: 20 EUR
  • Winner Mini-tournament: 10 EUR
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The following maps will be added to the ClanWars Map Pool:
  • Forgotten Forest
  • Vendetta
  • Lagoon
  • Tournament A (2v2 map)
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Extra Community Features:

As staff we are very busy creating content for the CCG league. The upcoming months you can expect the following content: more games will be casted and commentated, more livestreams, more player interviews, extra tournaments to compete in and more Replay reviewing. Also we are looking to organize tournaments through the CW system.

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Discord Server:

A Discord Server has been set up with the purpose of making communicating and arranging games much easier.

You can join the Discord Server by clicking on this link

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Promoting Generals Once Again!

This point is very important to make this idea work. We need to spread the positive message of our new plans. Over the years I am sure most of you have kept or saved contact info of some of your Generals contacts/clanmates and buddies. We need YOU as a player, as a community to ACT. Otherwise this will not work. Ask around to every CCG player you know, to read our plans and to perhaps consider to start playing again. Spread this information online to every player you see on CCG or ZH. Most of them are interested in playing in a active league and are eager to learn the game. There about 10/20 players on GameRanger active that are willing to compete if they see more 'pros' around. Use your network to bring people back. Over the years we have seen short comebacks of several players that disappeared shortly after. Contact them, give them a reason to stay!

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