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China Oil Bunker - Counter Strategy!

By ScOtSmAn - 14th August 2011 - 09:15 AM

China Oil Bunker - Counter Strategy!

Hello there generals, today I wanted to talk about the new strategy people are using nowadays in China mirrors, Which is fast a Oil Bunker on close Oil flank to secure one Oil at least. Many of you have probably had trouble and therefore question yourselves on how to counter it. Well it isn't as hard as people make it seem but it sure can kill your game if you don't take care of it because they keep an oil secure.

First person I saw execute this strategy lately was actually qiip, I'm not saying he was the first to ever use a Bunker but he sure is the first to use them more than usual.

I've had a lot of people do it and it's very effective if used correctly. One way to counter this strategy could be dual War Factory with first War Factory tank being a Flamer which is sent to the closest Oil. What you can do once you build the second Supply is send your first Supply Truck to far Oil which should make it in time to run over the Red-Guard. If you can counter this you should be able to rush them since they weren't able to capture the oil.

Another way to counter this strategy, which is the way I have done it to a couple of players, is just doing fast Propaganda Center.

Yes, I know people think fast Oil is better than a fast Propaganda Center but that is not an accurate assumption.
  1. First Dozer -> Power
  2. Second Dozer -> Barracks -> Build 1 TH and garrison the closest build to your enemies base, this will force Gatling Tanks to take a longer route than usual.

After that Dozer is done making the Barracks take it over and make your second Supply, sending the first supply truck down to your enemies closest Oil. Units out of the War Factory in this order according to how I do it, remember it may be different for each player.

First unit would be a Flamer to your close Oil to kill off your enemies Red-Guard, second unit either a Gatling Tank or a Battle Master after creating those two units make sure you make your Propaganda Center which will allow you to take your closest Oil and to go take the far Oil also.

Another thing you have to remember is to choose Nuke Cannon upgrade which will help you take care of the flank Bunker. After making one or two Gatling Tanks and/ or Battle Master send them to the flank where the Bunker is located to help protect your incoming Nuke Cannon.

You would beat him to having them since you have advanced your Tech before him and have Oils which will help your economy.

This replay is an example of the fast tech up counter i have tried vs this strategy and has had a lot of success with it.

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