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Special China Guide to beat Professionals like Adam

By ^Zayron- - 7th May 2009 - 20:52 PM

Welcome to a rather serious China guide "How to beat the amazing Adam"! Because you're all dying to know how this guide is going to look like, I won't lose too many words. Here we go!

Start with a Power Plant like a real pro, you will make your nation grow larger and larger.
Move your second Dozer towards the middle and as soon as your first Dozer completed the Power Plant, start to build a Barracks.
Of course choose the Red Guard Training General Points upgrade, because we are not going to use Inferno Cannons in this game. (Oh well, if you really want to piss Adam off then you can do them -_-)
Now, with your first Dozer make a supply, then make another.
You can also make a scaffold of a Barracks close to your main supply but it's useless verssus Adam since he boxtricks all your scaffolds and beacons so... Anyway, get your second Dozer to build a War Factory past your Barracks.
From your Barracks you would be able to click on some infantry.
First of all click twice on your Red Guard icon, which means 4 Red Guards will come out of your Barracks.
Send the first couple to the oils and garrison the other two and the following 4 Tank Hunters in the middle buildings. Now it's time to boxtrick him HARDCORE++.
He will probably go for dual Supply, War Factory + Barracks.
You need to worry about: first unit, Chinook for drop.
Only few uber pr0s can boxtrick the Chinook in front of his War Factory, but it's ok if you can't do it.
Check if he's coming with an Ambulance (be carefull, it might be full of Missile Denfenders). If he is not, then he will probably drop a Paladin Tank and a Dozer.
He will drop either your Red Guards at oils or send the Chinook to your base.
A Paladin Tank\Dozer combo can damage your income pretty hard, be carefull.
With your first Dozer make a Barracks or two close to your supplies.
Now that you have 5 or 6 men in the buildngs and a couple of Gattling Tanks, it's time to attack! Keep spamming your units, and don't forget Troop Crawlers! Adam is allergic towards Troop Crawlers, since they are very usefull for you.
Either they can kill infantry or Ambulances, they make his Paladin Tanks shoot to them instead of towards the Gattling Tanks while they fight back.
Keep advancing with your secondary Dozer in order to make few Barracks on his side of the map. Also, you can make random Bunkers across the map, it will piss him off a bit, lol.
If he didn't kill oils by that moment, then get the Capture Upgrade and grab them. Also try to attack on sides but be carefull! He's got such a mh pro map awareness that it will be hardly impossible to kill a Chinook with a sneaky Gattling Tank.
Make some MiGs and Dozer-hunt him. This will piss him off even more than Bunkers! (remember that Bunkers+Dozer-hunt = 2xAdamPissed)
Make some mines for his Colonel Burton and build a Propaganda Center. Use your Black Lotus to take oils either scout\stop Paladin Tanks.
You'll find it's pretty useless to send Black Lotus in his base since he's like a boxtrick machine and he will find her pretty soon. (Luckily, he doesn't know he can't Force Fire on Black Lotus with TOW-less Humvees).
Well, you pretty much used all your units. Keep in mind that Troop Crawlers > Beginning then MiGs or Overlords > Late Game.

We love you, Adam! :D

Download the Adam Bash Replay Pack!

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