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China vs GLA on Tournament Desert

By -HaTeR- - 13th March 2009 - 19:09 PM

This strategy vs GLA gives the China player a chance of losing no buildings to Technicals with Terrorists in the early game.
It gives total mapcontrol to the China player and will for the most of the time also give you the oils.

To follow my instructions I have made a sketch of the map with some chinese buildings and some Circles and Lines to show you what to do in an easy manner.

Click to enlarge


The big Blue Circles on the map is where you send your MiGs as soon as they are built. One to each side as you can see.

The small Red Circles are positions on the map where you send/garrison Red Guards.

The Green Line and Circle is the toute of which you send a Supply Truck for scouting and killing Workers.

The build order you will use for this is as follows:

    - 1st Dozer: build a powerplant (be sure to build it this way it doesn't interfere with your upcoming supply, see picture)
    - 2nd Dozer: select it as soon as it comes out of the Command Center and send it to the Center of the Map.
    This makes the Dozer drive through the Command Center, saving valuable time.
    - Sell your Command Center; it gives you 1000$ extra.
    If you're not very experienced at playing without Radar I recommend you to keep your Command Center, buy Radar, and follow the steps as close as you can. You will be a little slower, getting only one MiG first etc., but you still have a good chance pulling this strategy off even with your Command Center.
    - As soon as the 1st Dozer has finished the powerplant you start to build a Supply Center. (See Picture)
    - With the second Dozer build Supply slightly to the left, infront of the center buildings. Be sure you position the Supply the correct way so the Truck come out the way you want. (Hold right mouse button down while turning the scaffolding - Directly in front of the Supplies)
    Make a waypoint so the first truck drives automatically to the first Green Circle on the map. Make sure it drives over and kill the car parked next to the tower. Make a Shortcut-key to this truck; i use CTRL+3.
    As soon as the supply is finished you must buy 2 new trucks AND mines. Queue them.
    - Truck Tactics: With this truck you will discover what build and Strategy the GLA player has chosen. It's up to you to make any decisions on-the-fly, as there are many situations that can occure with this. Try to overrun Workers when you can, but if you see he has protected himself well, just drive it back and continue collecting money.
    - The 1st Dozer has completed its Supply Center and now you build an Airfield (See picture)
    - The second Dozer has completed its Supply Center, now it shall build a Barracks (See picture)
    Use waypoints to save time. First waypoint I recommend somewhere in the vicinity of the left oil. You will need 4 Red Guards heading that direction. One standing guard at the Red Circle all the way to the left, one next to the oil, and one Red Guard in each of the two houses close to your supply. This is to prevent the gla putting RPGs in them to kill your trucks.
    Send the Red Guard to the right oils.
    - The Airfield has finished. Buy 2 MiGs. Drive with your Dozer to the supply to the right. (It will be ordered to build there later)
    - As soon as the first MiG is finished, you will send it to the right, put it on guard. This is to prevent eventually Tunnels making trouble for you.
    If the GLA player has a Worker there, in one of the Blue Circles, he would probably call you a maphacker (Rofl). (Only if hes a lame noob that is)
    - Second MiG, you let it guard the left side, but you would probably have seen any Workers heading that direction with your truck and Red Guards.
    - Build Mines at the Airfield before getting any more MiGs. Build the War Factory before a 3rd and 4th MiG.
    - After clearing the areas you MUST use the MiGs together; Group them with CTRL+2, for instance. They will now be used to kill incoming potentially loaded Technicals.
    When you got 2 more MiGs, they are grouped with CTRL+3, for instance.
    - You must decide for yourself when you upgrade Capture Building at Barracks. If the cost is clear you can do it very early.
    - Build War Factory, this is also a situation dependent action.
    - As soon as you get the time and money; Upgrade Black Napalm at War Factory; Very important!
If you have been good, killing everything in your path, you would most likely have the total mapcontrol, and lots of money.

As the game developes, it's up to the China player to make decisions on the fly. If you get time, go in with some Gattling Tanks and Tank Hunters, preferably before the GLA gets the palace up. If the palace is up, a different approach is needed as Bomb Trucks and Jarmen Kell can take out whatever you send basicly, if you're not careful.

The solutions to Jarmen and Bomb Trucks are Lotus, Troopcrawler, and MiGs. When your army of Overlords (remember to have at least one Overlord with the Bunker upgrade, filled with Tank Hunters, this to have some men to Re-Capture Overlords sniped by Jarmen) is ready for an attack, its VERY important to have your Black Lotus in front of it to decloak incoming Bomb Trucks in time. Troop Crawlers can also do this, but they are of course visible to the GLA.

Have your Black Lotus close to enemy Arms Dealers as much as you can, and kill Bomb Trucks with your grouped 2 MiGs whenever you can.

This is only a basic tutorial on how to do a very good strat, but it will also depend a lot on your MICRO (how well you control your units).

written by Quasis

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