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Excellent China Build Order vs USA

By -HaTeR- - 13th March 2009 - 20:49 PM

Now, here are two different strategies you can use when you play vs USA.

I have made two pictures, one for each strategy. I have numbered the buildings on the pictures according to the sequel they are built.

Strategy 1

Click to enlarge

This is the aggressive strategy.
Main goal is to overrun the USA forces from the very beginning with Gattling Tanks, Tank Hunters and some Red Guards.

Take a look at picture number one: With the first Dozer you will build everything in the lower parts of the map. For instance: Nuclear Reactor, then Supply Center, then Supply Center at your extra supply depot.

Second Dozer needs to be selected at the instant the Dozer comes out of the Command Center, and then order it to the middle. This makes the Dozer drive straight through the Command Center saving a lot of time.

Now, based upon how your first Dozer was positioned when the game started, you must calculate the building of the Barracks, so no time escapes to build the War Factory. That translates to: when the first Dozer has finished the Supply Center, you must have finished the Barracks with your second Dozer, ready to build the War Factory.

You must do this as fast as you can, because the USA player might have planned a rush on you and if he drops Missile Defenders right next to your Dozer he is able to kill it before your War Factory is up, giving you a lot of headaches.

Ok, your Barracks is up. You will now recruit 2 times Red Guards (that means 4 because they come in pairs), then 3 Tank Hunters.
Have a look at the picture again, you see the green lines; send the Red Guards to each direction. Use attack move. If they don't encounter anything, you will send them straight to the enemy base.

Their main use is to scare off any Missile Defenders waiting for your Gattling Tanks.

When the War Factory is up you build a Gattling Tank as soon as possible. Set waypoints according to the picture.
You will need at least 2 Gattling Tanks before you enter.

Now, you attack and you MUST micro your units well. Example: Force fire on the ground with your Gattling Tanks before you attack his Missile Defenders. That way one Gattling Tank kills 4 Missile Defenders laserlocking you, maybe 5 if they are not in tight group.

Follow up with more Tank Hunters and more Gattling Tanks. Build a third Supply Center in the middle.

Strategy 2

Click to enlarge

Ok, this is a completely different way of playing vs USA.

Main goal is to secure one oil for yourself, then prepare for a massive flanking attack. It also prepares for some of the attacks the USA player might try on you.

Take a look at the picture. The first Dozer does the same as in the strategy described above. Second Dozer however will build a Barracks according to the picture and then build a War Factory at your bottom flank.

From the Barracks you build 1 Red Guard, 2 Tank Hunters, another Red Guard, then upgrade Capture Building.
First Red Guards you send to each oil, the Tank Hunters you put in the middle of your base in between your supplies (this to kill any Dozer dropped from the USA player to make a Patriot Missile System next to one of your supplies), and the last Red Guards you send to the middle of the city to scout the area.

Many USA players go for the oils early and they usually drop one Missile Defender and one Ranger next to each oil. You must get rid of those units.

From the War Factory you build first a Dragon Tank, then a Gattling Tank. If you see he got a Missile Defender by the oil you must wait for the Gattling Tank before you attack him.

Now, when you have secured the oil, the next step is to prepare for the attack. Build a Barracks next to the oil, and pump out Tank Hunters. Build mines on the Barracks after, and put one or two Red Guards in the bunker by the oil. (this makes it impossible for Colonel Burton to do any damage to the oil. From the War Factory you will need more Gattling Tanks and one Troop Crawler.

When you got a nice looking army select all the units and hit CTRL+F (formation-command). That way they will all move in the same speed as they progress down the flank.

Lots of things can happen during this phase, so you have to adapt to what the USA player does.

With your second Dozer you can build a War Factory at the other flank (see arrows) or build a third Supply Center.

Watch the replays as well to get a good feeling about what I've been talking about here.

Remember, always try to attack from different directions; sending Gattling Tanks in from the flanks and middle etc, etc. One Gattling Tank through his defense and you might have won the game.

written by Quasis

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