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Force Fire Guide - Noob to Professional

By Medihev` - 24th January 2010 - 21:32 PM

Hello Generals. Welcome to our newest strategy guide on force firing! Force fire is a technique that takes only a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master. After reading this strategy guide written by the legendary Deadclovvn, YOU too will become a force fire professional!

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Table of Contents
  1. Basic Guide
  2. Advanced Guide
  3. Formations and Micromanagement

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Basic Guide

Bug or Feature
I say feature! Force Fire is the quantum on the edge of tank battles that differentiates between winners and losers. You know the situation of 1on1 tank battles? The one who shot first wins! That's more about luck than skill… Well, with Force Fire you will be able to outmicro your opponent's tank(s), and that's the point! Force Fire adds a new dimension into the game - especially in tank battles. If you want to become a master of Force Fire read on!

Force Fire
The key ctrl turns your cursor into an attack cursor just like if you move your cursor above an enemy unit or structure now left. Click somewhere on the ground and your unit will start shooting.

Force Fire = FF
In the Generals community Force Fire is commonly referred to as FF.

The advantage is that you can hit multiple targets at once if they stand close enough to each other that the AoE (Area of Effect) damage hits all of them.

Furthermore, if you shoot right next to a unit it even deals 100% more damage compared to normal shots. But not every unit owns this ability, only units with cannon fire like Battlemasters, Overlords, Crusaders, Paladins and Scorpion Tanks, etc. do.

Force Fire on buildings
You can even force fire on a building. Just apply what you've learned above and shoot right next to the building and you will deal twice the damage. Against most buildings you will do the same amount of damage no matter where you shoot at. Exceptions are Chinas Propaganda Center and defense buildings.

China's Propaganda Center is a bit "bugged" or just not FF'able from every angle, therefore, have look at the following screenshot:

The red line marks the area where the Propaganda Center is not FF'able - whereas you can use FF on the area of the green line without any doubts.

Defense buildings can also be troublesome (except for a Nuke Cannon due to its large AoE):
  • Stinger Sites and Tunnel Systems are not FF'able
  • Patriots and Gatling Towers are FF'able as long as they are on green health (building is in a good shape), however, you have to be very precisely to hit the tower
  • Same goes for China's Bunker (FF'able while health bar is green)
Common mistakes
Force Fire with Tankhunters
Sometimes you can see people trying to use FF with Tankhunters (MD/ RPG), but this is just a superstition or wishful thinking. In fact: Any kinds of rocket projectiles (Tomahawks, SCUD Launchers, Raptors, RPGs, etc) do NOT deal double damage. Further it can even appear that you may deal less damage than a normal attack due to a smaller area of effect. And because people tend to forget something, it is not really recommended to use FF with such kind of units, else you may find your units shooting on the ground dealing no damage while getting killed by a single unit of your opponent.

Force Fire in laggy games
You can also call it a disadvantage of using FF: If you are too focused on using FF. Especially courteous in CvC games that you "always" use FF to keep up with your opponent. But never dare to use it when the game lags, or even worse when there is a delay of more than 2 seconds - you won't hit shit. So better do not use FF then, makes it even funnier when your opponent tries to and doesn’t hit. So it's important to find a balance between Force Fire, attack move and simple move orders to steamroll.

Force Fire with no end
Sometimes people forget that they were just using FF and then focus on their base or other units. But in the meantime the FF'ed target is destroyed and the units still shoot into no-man's-land instead of spreading fear and terror all around the map, but mostly quite the opposite happens and a few enemy units kill the defenseless ones.
But how do you avoid this? Actually it's simple - you just use Force Fire while you are really paying attention and as soon as you have to focus on something else switch to attack move (hotkey: a) or guard mode (hotkey: g) for example. Or even saver: retreat, and as soon as you focus on your attacking units again reattack with full attention and the whole power of Force Fire.

At times a similar mistake appears; if you use nuke cannons. For example you shoot at a middle supply with FF and don't pay any more attention to it - now you have flanked your opponent and waypoint your Warfactory to this area. Unfortunately it crosses the spot where the Nuke Cannon still shoots on the ground and - boom - you fool shot your own units. Keep such things in mind, check your nukes / or any other FF'ing units and give them new orders, such as guard mode.

Maybe some last thoughts on the basics of Force Fire. Surely it is one of the essential parts of the China versus China gameplay but that doesn't mean it is useless to other armies...

USA benefits from it with its Gatling crushing Paladins which can also be devastating among Scorpion tanks. This, however, also counts vice versa, you will have more control about your Scorpion rockets if you switch between Force Fire and normal attacks to maximize your units' damage. Just use FF while reloading the Scorpion rocket and as soon as it is reloaded strike at your opponent with full power (Paladin tanks won't be able to fend off all rockets).

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