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LogMeIn's Hamachi for Generals

By rarely - 22nd July 2010 - 15:32 PM

Are you unable to connect to other players or can't you even log into Generals Online? Then Hamachi is a must. Yes, Hamachi is the name!

First of all you need to download Hamachi. Now that you downloaded excecute the installation.

Now you get to the installation menu, click next.

Tick that you agree with the license and click next again.

Select where you want to install the file and if you definitely want a desktop shortcu. Click next.

Disable vulnerable windows services and let's do something special click next.

Now we get to a screen where you can choose if you want a free Hamachi or a commercial one. Just use the free one, it's good enough for what we want to do with it. Click next again.

You are ready to install, so press install now.

If it's good, everything went fine and is ready to be used, so click next. If not, then you have a problem and should check for other things or ask here and tell us what your problem is.

It's finished, so click finish.

When you start it, you get to a quick guide of Hamachi. Read it and press next.

Now click the power button as guided.
IPB Image

It asks if you want to fill in a nikname and of course we want that, so do it. When you have done that, click create.

Now we get to a point where the guide explains what options you've got read it. Then click next.

The screen that pops up now wants you to click the netwerk button.

You now have got two options: 'create your own network' or 'join an excisting network'. We explain how to create a network first. Click the 'create a new network' button.

Now fill in a name for your network and a pass. If a buddy of yours wants to join, then you need to give him the name of the network and the password, so remember those. Click create and you got your network.

We'll explain now how to join an excisting network. Go to network again and click 'join an excisting network'.

1. Fill in the network name you wan't to join. 2. Add the password for it. Then click join.

Now you joined it and you are almost ready to play Generals with your mates.

Run Command & Conquer Generals and have your options displayed. When you are in that menue, go to the space where you can fill in you LAN IP. Click on it and change your LAN IP to the Hamachi IP. The Hamachi IP always starts with a 5. Do not change your Online IP because that is for the normal multiplayer mode and needs to remain your own network IP to your modem/router.

Click to enlarge

Now when you have done this, go to Multiplayer, then LAN Game and then you should be able to see your buddies in the LAN lobby. Now play each other like it's an online multiplayer game and mostly there is no lag, when you do this unlike the real multiplayer of Generals.

Installation guide designs and texts may vary due to newer versions of Hamachi!

Discuss the installation procedure or usage of Hamachi for Generals!