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Colonel Burton Tip of the Week

By rarely - 2nd January 2010 - 11:54 AM

Using Colonel Burton

Colonel Burton is an extremely powerful and effective unit from the USA army. He is effective in almost any game type or matchup as long as you use him correctly. Here are some important tips

#1 Burton has two functions, either laying an explosive or firing his machine gun. Choosing when to use each can be decisive in a game. Both have wide uses, so Iím just going to explain when NOT to use them.

Do not lay a mine if you are facing a china player late game. If they have seen that you have Burton or they are at all experienced they know the buildings you are targeting and will mine them. By the time you reach late game Burton can be a game changer so there is no need to go taking stupid risks. Play aggressive, but always shoot up the buildings unless you can scan first.

Do not lay a mine on any unit other than an overlord without a gat or a BM. You leave yourself exposed for too long. With the overlord, it can run you over, so always attack it from an angle other than forwards.

Good way.
IPB Image

Bad way.

#2 When using Burton, always try to fight from a building. However, the key to this tactic is knowing when to exit. Often times, when fighting against a big spam of enemy units a smart opponent will fire on the building Burton is attacking from. Watch the buildings health very closely. Before the building dies you need to evacuate Burton. If the building dies while heís in it he will be exposed and vulnerable for twice as long and generally die. If you evacuate him first he goes back into stealth mode and usually escapes.

Migs, TCs, and lotus are your enemies. Try hard to avoid all of them, but if you have to fight a TC always attack the soldiers as they come out, and make sure Burton doesnít waste his time firing on the armored TC.

Against migs you always want to run the opposite way a china player expects you to go, so that they canít FF the migs to find your Burton.

When lotus arrives, always have your scan ready. If you donít have a scan run for your life. If you do, use it right away to either gun lotus down or determine her position to get away from her. Itís infuriating to China players when they lose lotus to a Burton.

#3 Gats are a favorite target of mine with Burton. Burton is capable of defeating any gat with equal veteran status to himself, and obviously those with less. However, when fighting gats, always attack from behind if possible. This way the gat has to turn its barrel all the way around before it can fight back. Never attack multiple gats, and never fight a two star or better gat that is warmed up.

Good way.

Bad way.

#4 When fighting against GLA jarmen kell can be a dangerous opponent. Burton is great to use in a humvee(this can be discussed) or on his own. Your targets are buggies, oils, and BMs. Against GLA you want to place bombs on your target buildings if they are bigger than a rax or BM, then gun down the resulting hole. Against those soft targets using the gun is just as quick.

When fighting tunnels the same tactic as with gats applies. If you need to fight one, which you should avoid, attack it from the back so it has to turn around first.

If you are using your Burton effectively it will become a major problem for most GLA players. Therefore smart GLA players will set a Burton trap. If you see a random tech or other cheap unit on its own be very careful and scan the area first. Oftentimes a gla player will use it as a decoy while having jarmen in the area. Scan for him first before risking your Burton on an insignificant unit.

When fighting jarmen with Burton it is important to make sure there are other units around that jarmen is firing at. If he is on any kind of auto-control, either guard mode or attack mode, he will kill Burton before Burton can gun him down. In this case, knifing him is your best bet.

A Burton vee can be an effective tool against tech swarming. Burton doesnít create splash damage and rips through light units. Just make sure that the Gla player doesnít figure out which vee has Burton.

#5 Against USA Burton has fewer uses. He is extremely effective against MDs, but weak against a vee spam that is good vs infantry and has scan capabilities. He is best used in a vee, or from a building. Keep him away from S&D.

#6 Always know where your Burton is. Ctrl+H will find him, or number him if you are more comfortable with that. He should always be close to hand or he will die very easily.

I recommend having Burton at any time that you can afford him. If you hear artillery go off, or see a TT coming to your strat center, build Burton from a rax far away from the strat center before it dies. Donít be forced to wait for the SC to rebuild to have him again.

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