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USA and China General's Points fired at Buildings

By Diamond- - 21st January 2013 - 23:53 PM

Hello Everyone!

Today, we want to present you detailed information about the powers of the China/USA genpoint attacks and what you can do with them.

Even a lot of experianced players sometimes do not know which level of A10/Artillery or a Fuel Bomb can take out which building for sure. Here is an overview over all buildings available in CCG and what you can do to them using China/USA genpoint attacks (A10, Fuel Bomb and Artillery)

China buildings
As you can see China buildings are quite vulnerable to these kind of attacks. When you want to take out a bunker with level 1 Artillery watch try to damage it a tiny bit before as it's close.

USA buildings
As you can see USA buildings are also quite vulnerable to these kind of attacks. A strat center normally won't be on Hold the Line so it can die to any kind of attack except level 1 artillery and level 1 A10. Whenever you hear the sound of Artillery or whenever you see an incoming level 2 A10/Fuel Bomb, you can quickly put your Strategy Center on Hold the Line, and by that you can save it from any level 2 attack or from a Fuel Bomb.

GLA buildings
As you can see GLA buildings are much better resistent to these kind of attacks. The possibility to rebuild a GLA building coming from a hole makes this army immune to effective Fuel Bomb attacks and to quite a few other ones as you can see above. Watch out that if you want to kill a palace with level 3 Artillery, you need perfect placement. Again, better try to damage the palace a bit before artillery will hit it (1 mig would be enough).

Furthermore there is another important strategic building we would like to talk about: OIL derricks!

You have to know that level 1 and level 2 Artillery and level 1 A10 are NOT sufficient in order to kill an oil derrick. Many people send level 2 Artillery on oils and wonder why it's not going to die.

Final Conclusion and more helpful stuff
Now you know which attack can take out which buildings. Also remember, that you can take out more then 1 building because of the spalsh damage every attack has. So for example you can fire an A10 in between a warfactory and a supply and both will be taken out.

The strengh of the different attacks from weakest to strongest is given by:

lv.1 Artillery < lv.1 A10 < lv.2 Artillery < FuelBomb < lv.2 A10 < lv.3 Artillery < lv.3 A10

By using this info you can put up team attacks in team games in order to bring down Command Centers for example (level 3 Artillery and level 2 A10 are not enough for example but level 2 Artillery and level 3 A10 are, remember this!)

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