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Chinese Dozer Control

By Cypher - 21st March 2007 - 16:01 PM

OK, the China Dozers got the brains of a caterpillar. If you don't control them wisely, they will cause serious delay in your build order. Very important in the beginning, as sometimes seconds matter. Especially when I play vs GLA; one second could be the difference of a Tunnel going up or the murder of the Worker.

I see very often how these Dozers are microed wrongly, and how many have not experienced the stupid Dozer going into, and then back and around another working Dozer?

I have made some Screenshots showing the situations when the Dozers mess you up most, and how to work with them so you don't get any delay.

First, it's important that you remember pressing the key "D" while loading the game. That way you have already ordered the second Dozer before the game starts. Be sure to check your bank to see if you really bought it.
You should have 9000 $, then 8000 $ when you order the first Dozer to build the Nuclear Reactor.

The following screenshot is a merge of 4 different screenshots, much like you see in an ordinary cartoon comic.

This is the one start position of the Dozer that makes the most trouble for people. What happens is that the player builds the powerplant in the wrong position, ergo making his second Dozer mess up his path, or/and ruins the perfect placement of his main Supply Center.

The solution to this start position is to build the Nuclear Reactor right next to the Command Center as you can.
Just look at the pictures carefully, note the trace of the caterpillars.

The second merge of screenshots is the other position you can start with at the down position.

When your on the top of the map its easier to avoid these things to happen.

Also, for the players who don't know this the trick to make the Dozer go through the Command Center:
If you select the Dozer just as it comes out and send it to the location you want it, it will drive through that construction.

written by Quasis

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