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Expert Knowledge about Experience Points

By lionengine - 4th November 2011 - 12:32 PM

Welcome Generals!

There are many important aspects that need to be considered while playing at high level. This guide shall explain deeper knowledge about the Generals' Experience System. Once you understood the basic ideas you will be able to improve your gameplay. Especially advanced players might consider it as useful. The questions are:
  • When do I get promoted?
  • When do specific units get promoted?
Why are those questions important? Usually a battle between top players is close and hard-fought, so every unit is very precious. Once the players are equipollent, the moment of becoming a 3-Star General might decide the game. Therefore it's useful to know the basic idea about Experience points while designing strategies.

Let’s go back to our 2 questions. It might be astonishing, but those questions are linked to each other. Once you gain some experience points, the relevant unit will gain the same amount of experience. Once the experience is great enough, your unit will reach a higher experience level. We will take a look at this later…

Once Mr. M. wrote to Mr. Sq. in 2 vs 2 Lobby: “First time I saw an USA being 3 star for nothing.” Would it be possible? Unfortunately the answer is “no”. The following table contains the amount of experience points to reach each level:

IPB Image

Well now we know Mr. Sq. had to gain at least 1500 Experience Points to be able to buy his precious snipers. It’s not that easy to gain 1500 EP, as you have to destroy lots of units or buildings to receive such an amount. Running over infantry has the same effect like shooting them. You can check how much points are roughly missing for next Generals promotion, by looking at your Experience Bar next to your radar.

In order to provide an overview the following list just contains the important units/buildings of each faction. The numbers represent the experience points you gain for killing the unit/building.

IPB Image

Destroying Scaffolds
If you only destroy a scaffold you won’t earn a single experience point.

The following table contains the units. It depends on the veteran status how much points you gain for killing it.

IPB Image

That is a pretty big table, and of course you don’t have to remind every number mentioned. But sometimes it is useful to remember some values. Especially the very small value of an 1-star Redguard is interesting. He just gives your enemy 5 Experience points, if he manages to kill him.

If your enemy is USA he would need to kill 1500/5 redguards = 300 redguards to become 3 Star. That’s a lot of redguards. Imagine every square represents a redguard:

IPB Image

What do my units need to achieve to get a nice veteran or even Hero status? Well, the same way you gain experience points your units gain them (by destroying). The following Table shows how many points a unit needs to destroy to reach the corresponding level.

IPB Image

Let’s check whether you understood the tutorial.
An USA Player and China player play against each other. China decided to bunker and so did USA. It turned out to be a campy game. USA has a weird strategy: everytime CHINA builds his Propaganda Center, USA sacrifices 1 Aurora to destroy the propaganda Center. They play like this all the time … who will reach level 5 earlier? Does it make a difference whether USA bought the “Experience Upgrade”?

IPB Image

The answer is yes, there is a difference. Assuming USA did NOT buy the upgrade, both players will reach Level 5 same time (200 for destroying the Propaganda, and 200 for killing the Aurora)! If you assume USA did buy the Upgrade the Aurora will be Level 2 after having shot the propaganda center (as Exp. Points are doubled). Therefore China will shoot a Level 2 Aurora and gains 400 Experience points! Thus China will reach Level 5 twice as fast in comparison to the USA player! The same idea applies for killing a nuke with a raptor for instance.

I hope you got a general idea about this complex topic. This will help you to make the right decisions! See you on the battlefield!

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