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GLA vs China Fundamentals

By xFactor - 13th February 2008 - 22:04 PM


This is Part 2 of my GvC strategy guide. It contains the Fundamentals and tatics that GLA can use against china. These tactics and strategies are universal and can be use on any map even though all the SSs and replays are from tournament desert. This guide includes supply harrassment, beating a GAT TH, beating mig lamers, expansion, and General points usage. If there are any errors / problems with the guide post immediately so that i can fix them.

Fundamentals / tactics of GLA

Supply Harassment

The most important thing you must do vs a china. There are many ways to harass a supply. You can do it with a tech rpg, a tech terror, scorpions, techs, terrorists, or bombtrucks. The purpose of supply harassment is to divert the china from its gat thing. It’s a threat that a china must deal with right away and is sometimes a threat that never goes away. Not to mention it takes a huge chunk out his economy. Successfully harassing a supply, you have beaten a gat th, because you have forced him to gat th and defend his own soil. You can use it as a distraction for gaining map control, grabbing the oils, or teching up.
  • Tech Rpg – as mentioned before load up a tech with 2-4 rpgs and one worker, drop the worker off on the flank, take out the supply trucks and upgrade the tech. It is most effective when performed on a secondary or middle supply. You can also use these to get your rpgs to the middle
  • Tech terror – load up a tech with 5 terrors (1 extra incase of mines) and drive to the opponents supply and nock out the supply center. Try to hit the supply trucks with your terrors as you are destroying the center as you will then be able to upgrade your tech. Most effective when Preformed on a primary or secondary supply (most chinas mine there middle supplies).
  • Bomb trucks – disguise a bomb truck (as tractor, preferably) get the firebomb upgrade and take out the supply. If there are any buildings nearby try to position the bomb truck so that it takes out the surrounding buildings. Sometimes you can take out 3 buildings with one bomb truck. It is effective on any supply. (as seen in ss# 2-3)
    IPB Image

    IPB Image

  • Scorpions – all you do is send 2-3 scorpions up the flank of the 2nd supply and position the scorpions so that they are in range of the supply trucks but not running over mines. Most effective on a secondary supply
  • Techs – merely sending a tech to the china’s 2nd supply can mess up the gat th. Forcing him to send a gat back to his supply to get rid of that annoying tech will take one gat out the gat th spam and may be the difference between a win and a loss. Most effective against a 2nd or primary supply
  • Terrorist – Some Glas, like nubbe, send a terrorist up each flank and into supply trucks to deeply suppress the Chinese economy. It is a very subtle tactic and if done successfully can nearly in the game for china
    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image


Beating a Gat TH

As mentioned earlier the best way to beat a gat th is supply harassment and forcing him to fight on his own soil. There are also demos, scorpion / tech spam, and tunnel placement
  • Demos - should be used a lot more than they are in GvC. You should place a demo in front of a tunnel so that it is in the exact spot where china stops to gat th. I like to put my demos on manual so I can get a large group to stop right in front and then activate it, instead of just one gat
  • Scorpion / Tech Micro
    1)Scorpion - In the early game it is extremely vital that you do not lose any scorpions to flamers, or small group of ths. The reason is, scorpions are your only answer for gats in the beginning of the game. If you lose one that’s one more you have to build before your scorpion rocket
    2)Techs – Your first tech should ALWAYS go to the supply with at least 2 rpgs to take out some supply trucks and grenade upgrade your tech. If you can get your 1st tech upgraded to grenades launcher your job becomes twice as easy because the scorpion rocket is no longer necessary for stopping ths. A grenade tech should be treated as a priceless gem and is the most important unit in the early game. Use them wisely, I like to have it take out the 1st th and then quickly retreat it into a tunnel. You will end up only taking 2-3 (with splash damage) but the tech gets promoted and you get to keep it. If you keep doing this tactic with your tech, Gat + ths become gats + …(attach SS)
    3)Combos – If your playing a smart china and he didn’t allow you to upgrade your 1st tech, your still OK. Now you just have to effectively micro your techs and scorpions. I wait until the ths get lined up, attacking my tunnel and position two techs off to the side and run the ths over. (if you use two it becomes twice as hard for china to lock onto your techs and in most cases you will deal a heavy blow. (attach SS) A lot of Chinas sometimes separate their gats from their ths. This is the perfect time to attack the gats with your scorpions as shown is SS 4 and 5 we see that the gattlings got to far in front and left the ths open for attack by my technical.
    SS #4
    IPB Image

    SS #5
    IPB Image

    Also try filling up your tunnel with scorpions and a grenade tech then evacuate them A LITTLE BIT BEFORE they stop to attack, launch your gernades and scorpion rockets into the gat th blob, then send them quickly back into the tunnel to avoid losses. This requires precise timing and it is always best too evacuate them to early then too late, because if you do it too late, you just lost 8 scorpions (attach SS) (attach reps)
GvC Replays

Beating Migs

Probably the toughest thing to do as a GLA. An effective mig lamer is very hard to beat and my moto has always been to not get intimdated by the number of migs and focus on my fundamentals for beating it which are, Tech terrors, Tech Rpgs, Tunnel Spam (on the flanks), and Bomb trucks
  • Tech Rpgs – as mentioned before load up your tech with 2-4 rpgs and one worker, Drop the worker off on the flank, go straight to the AF, unload the rpgs and attack. It is often best to do this with some sort of a distraction (i.e. send a scorpion one flank and the Tech Rpg on the other)
  • Tech Terrors – Load up a tech with 4 terrorists and one worker, drop the worker off on the flank and go straight to mig AF. It only takes 3 terrorists to blow up an AF but you need an extra one in case of mines. I recommend you spam these once every 5-6 minitues if you keep tech terroring buildings china will Eventually forget to check your expansion because he will be more worried about stopping tech terrors. Once again use a distraction for your tech terrors
  • Tunnel spam – Another important tip is to start building tunnels of the flanks. If china just goes migs, there is no way he can take out all the tunnels you build as long as you keep building them. Of course this only on the flanks, building tunnel spam near your base would be a very bad idea
  • Bomb trucks – It is always best to use a distraction with this unit and don’t forget to get firebomb upgrade. These guys are your best mig lame stoppers. This unit replaces tech terror in the late game and they should be used once every 5-6 min. Use with a distraction
  • The X botton
    1)when you see a mig flying over to a group of units or your supply select the units in jerpody and hit X this prevents splash damage from migs as well as firestorms on more than one uint. As we can see from the next series of SSs, Skynny sees the mig selects his workers, presses x, and the migs miss

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

More GvC Replays


A very important concept that many Young GLAs seldom use. Expansion is of course decreasing the distance between you and the enemy and will result in greater map awareness, greater map control and a greater economy. You can do early expansion which is of course sending workers to certain spots on the map or you can expand by dropping putting them in a tech and dropping them off in selected areas. I recommend you build your tunnels near oils and near the middle (not right next to the middle because a garrisoned structure can own tunnel). Another important tip with tunnels is if a china flames or somehow destroy a tunnel, send a worker back to a similar spot where you had that tunnel. Chances are his not longer guarding that area because he thinks the threat is over. Tunnel placement is also very important, You should have two tunnels near each other so that if one is being attacked you can evacuate units from the other to protect your map control

General Points Usage

Always have the first general point be the technical promotion. Your next should be the rebels (to garrison empty tanks caused by Jarmen Kell) then the rest should be cash bounty and this will greatly help your econ. Then finally get the Anthrax bomb. Remember that anthrax bombs own tanks and units but not structures. Try to drop this when china is either idling or when he has gathered a group of units to take out a large building. Also works well on migs resting in an AF